color siding for hunter green shingles

wilber24March 1, 2009

Anybody have a good color for siding for a ranch house with hunter green shingles and white gutters

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obviously this is a personal choice, but why not white?

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If you're married to the idea of white gutters, I'd get siding in a "woody" kind of color - w/texture to mimic stained wood.

But to simplify, I DID use dk green shingles, cream siding, and since we used native rock about 2/3 way up house, we used a dk brown gutter - never even noticed it.

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Do you have a drawing of your house? If you do, then get copies made and get an inexpensive set of water colors, crayons, and/or colored pencils. Hark back to your coloring book days. Paint/color the drawing copies with various schemes and pick the one you like best.

I did this for the first house we had built and the technique worked well. We ended with 3 colors: The roof and trim the same color, the sides a neutral color (white), and 3rd color for the window sashes.

In later years and another house, my wife decided that 3 colors were too many and we reduced to two colors. Any brick or stone work adds another color.

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