Sinking corner foundation

blessedbeMarch 16, 2009

I purchased my house in May 2007. It is a 1946 1000 sq foot bungalow style house. The back left corner of the kitchen floor (in the back of the house, outer wall) has a noticiable decline in it. During the presale inspection, the inspector said he saw some settling, but it didn't look like any had occured in a long time. Apparently, it's still going. I'm now getting gaps between the baseboard and floor, and between the countertop and back splash. All of this is just in that corner. We're talking gaps of maybe 1/4 of an inch.

The kitchen used to be a back porch. I've had a plumber tell me it looks like someone cut one of the wooden supports that used to hold up the porch. The house is built on a teeny tiny crawl space. My question is, if the problem is really just a cut beam, could it be jacked up and replaced with cinder blocks or something? I want to halt futher settling, but this house is not in a fabulous neighborhood where I'm ever going to recoup any of the money I spend on it, not to mention not having a lot of money. Any ideas how much it might cost?



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Is there a concrete foundation under the area that's sinking?
Can you post a picture?

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