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stardomFebruary 18, 2007

Why, when using the deformation tool,does it blur the image, even when sharpened, still looks blurred.

Why have I not got a nice clean edge on the locket, its jagged. Your comments would be much appreciated.

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Lovely locket...are you following a tut?....got the url handy?...thought I'd try & duplicate what's happening in your image...

Are both your images (the locket & the photo) clean & clear before you use the deform tool?...maybe try putting the locket (before you use the deform tool) on a colored background to check...see if there's any jaggy's left behind....

I use the deform tool quite a bit & never had that happen before....always something new to keep us on our toes... : ))


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Thankyou for responding, I did the tut some time ago, can't find the url, I keep practising, but I still get the blurred, rough edge look. The locket is drawn with the eclipse preshape tool and then just coloured in gold.I will try putting images on a coloured background (good idea of yours)to see what shows up.
When you are using the deformation tool, what setting should you have it on free scale sheer etc.I am a right idiot on this, we just do not get on this tool and me.Hazel

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I also used the elipse preshape tool, gold fill for background & black for foreground.....I got a nice clean edge....

A couple of thoughts....

If you've been using your deform tool for different tuts, maybe the settings have been changed.....try resetting them back to the factory default settings...

Here are the settings for my deform tool....

Hope this helps....

Did you find any jaggy's when you used a colored background?...


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Jaggy's much better when I used a coloured background, taken note of your settings for deformation tool, will try again. Thank you so much for your help Jan.Hazel

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You're very welcome..... : ))

Keep working at it & you WILL get it sorted....you just never know, the deformation tool might turn out to be your favourite item.....lol....


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Hazel, I was just looking at your "Opening a Portal". You seemed to have mastered the deformation tool with that one. I didn't even give that one a try. You did a beautiful job on it.

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