Fixing cracked caulking

xroxMarch 3, 2011

All the trim in our 5yr old house is separating from the wall and the joints (miter, butt) are cracked. So I decided to fix it by re-caulking with DAP Alex Plus caulk and repainting.

One month after finishing the job the joints are already cracked again?????

Some notes:

-Temperatures during this month ranged from +12C to -22C

-The crack gap is small (1mm or less) meaning very little caulk gets in the crack

-The trim seems well secured as I cannot push the crack closed with force. It seems more like expansion and contraction from temperature and humidity is the source of the problem

Possible solutions

-Use pure silicone (paintable) instead of acrylic or siliconized acrylic

Any other thoughts or suggestions on how to get a lasting seal of these joints and cracks????

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1. I presume you did not cut away the old caulk before you re-caulked? The proper way to do it is to use a razor blade to remove all or most of the old stuff and then to caulk.

2. It may have been too cold when you caulked, either at the time or while it was curing.

3. If I am characterizing things correctly, you should wait until it gets warmer, cut away the old (and new) caulking, and then caulk with a high quality caulk.

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