Insulation Advice!

gabethanMarch 23, 2014

1. Subfloor - We gutted an old home and have been repeatedly advised to somehow insulate our underneath our subfloor. One suggestion was to use foam under the crawl space. Any advice??

2. Cellulose vs Foam - I'm trying to decide which one. Any reason not to use one or the other?

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If the subfloor/floor sheathing is still in place cellulose would need an encasement membrane installed to keep it in the joist bays.

Fiberglass batts have, as a normal function of their installation, splay wires as a retainer.

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Consider rigid panels as well. I was looking for a study by LSU comparing rigid panels to spray foam. I can't find it. maybe you will have better luck. Check out these links:

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How much room do you have to work underneath the floor? That would affect what I would choose to install.

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