Soapstone Backsplash Question

wikachickApril 26, 2008

Hi all,

I just ordered my soapstone today, and I fell in love with the slabs I picked! One question, though: the dealer recommended I get a soapstone backsplash as well. I was planning to use tile, but she said a soapstone backsplash would be easier to deal with when oiling, because the oil could get into the tile and cause problems. Soapstone lovers, what did you do for your backsplash?


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Check out the FKB. You will see many soapstone countertops with tile backsplashes. They look beautiful! Congrats on your soapstone!

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Unless you're slopping the oil around when you oil the soapstone, I don't see where having tile for a backsplash is a problem. We have tile and it has been no problem whatsoever. However, there is no problem with having a 4" (or so) soapstone backsplash and then have tile on top of that.

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Babka NorCal 9b

We have tumbled marble bricks with our soapstone. The tile and grout should be sealed to keep them from staining from food spatters, etc., so they won't absorb any oil. Besides, you use so little oil on soapstone, just an oily cloth to apply. You can put whatever you want as a backsplash. Again, the dealer doesn't know what he is talking about, or he is trying to sell you more soapstone...

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We have subway tile. I've never "sloshed" oil around - I mostly tend to use the beeswax oil, but I haven't even when in a hurry or feeling lazy and use the oil cloth. For me, I like the lighter color of the backsplash. I think if I went with soapstone it would be too dark. Although it's tempting - is there really such a think as too much soapstone?

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i have a 4 inch soapstone back splash around most most of my counters and large piece behind the range

the rest is painted

the only time i have an issue is oiling the top o the four inch piece and trying not to hit the painted sections but i use a painters guide on those areas

I like the look of the soapstone and have seen many tile backspalshes i also like

For use it was a question of what it better in our 1904 house

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Go with the style you like - as others have said the oiling shouldn't be an issue. When I do mine I still have to be careful when oiling the top of that SS backsplash - I don't want the wall paint getting all oily.

- D

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I also have tile and never had a problem with my soapstone oil getting the tile oily.

Actually, I'd think it would be easier to stop oiling at a counter to wall-tile transition than at a soapstone mini-splash to wall-tile transition.

And I agree with the "That would be awfully dark" school of thought. (And I like dark.)

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couple of pics

not so sure it as dark as some may worry about

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What about using soapstone tile? THen it wouldn't cost you any more than if you were to use any other stone tile, instead of paying an arm and a leg for the slab.

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mihal I like the rough tiles

Here is a link that might be useful: tumbled soapstone

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I have had my soapstone for 3 years and have had no problem with the tile backsplash. I have attached a picture for you to see. It would be a harder to oil against a painted surface than the tile. The mineral oil that I use just wipes right off the tile if i get any on it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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