Other favorite forums here and why?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaJanuary 23, 2007

OJ recently remarked that we aren't a very yappy lot here, so I was wondering what all forums y'all frequent and maybe why.

Here are just a few of mine, in no particular order

Household Finances...a lot of valuable info to be learned (and possibly shared) there

Computer Help-They have helped me a lot with 'my' many problems plus I have learned a lot from reading others questions and the answers...quite valuable to me who is computer challenged

Kitchen Table-a nice bunch of folks there chatting away about nearly everything

Suggestions-I like to promote some good suggestions there and occasionally make one of my own

Winter Sowing-I plan to start (yet)many things from seed via the winter sowing method, that I might have otherwise been tempted to buy...thus saving money

Seed Exchange-I like to trade seeds I have abundance of for other new (to me) varieties, instead of buying it. Last week alone I received in 57 different varieties of seeds (a bigger seed trading week). There are Tomatoes, peppers, grasses, and annual and perennial flowers. Total cost to me was about $3 plus the time to package, label, and send the seeds I had to share in return. One particular envelope contained 14 different peppers, that a generous member shared for the cost of postage only...no trade even required.

Plant Exchange-This too is a good value to some (like me). I can often get several starts of numerous different plants for what just one plant would normally cost. Some of my cooler acquisitions are variegated iris, variegated yucca, spring blooming bulbs, named iris, named daylilies, just to name a few.

Tomato Forum-Growing a variety of tomatoes became a new addiction a few years ago, thanks to the 'enablers' there.

Ohio Valley Gardening-I live in the OV so I like to see what folks close to me are up to in their gardens.

Frugal Gardening-need I say more?

Garden Junk-see above...lol

Iris-another interest of mine

Daylilies-another interest

Bulbs-same as above

These are but a few.

So where is your beaten path? Do you occasionally venture off of it?

Sue...who entertains herself a good bit here with Garden Web and That Home Site forums.

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I stick more to the THS forums, and have dabbled in 'most all of them at one point or another. I stick around in the "hardware" forums (Appliances, Laundry, Cars, etc.) because I like the techie stuff. I spend time in the Finance and MST forums because how we spend our money is one of the few direct inputs we have to our world and we should not be surprised to get X when we do Y. Other forum interests come and go depending on where I am (f'rinstance, Buying and Selling a Home was big until I bought mine).

I do think I spend a little too much time on this site (and others). :-p

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I did'nt discover these house sites till recently but am already addicted. I like this forum. Animal Debates and Pets as i have 2 dogs and love animals,Kitchen Table,its such a friendly place and there is always so much interaction. Cleaning Tips,have got some good ideas there.

I started on the Garden web. Always start on the Ozarks Forum as i live here. Can't go to all of them all the time but am checking on almost all the forums over there as i grow a lot of stuff. Daylilly Forum,Roses,Bulbs,Perannials,Woodlands,Shade,Iris,Hostas,Lilly,Seeds,Wildflowers etc....

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Sewing, Buying and Selling Homes, Cleaning, cooking, the KT and oh so many more.
Kathy G in MI

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Photography, Computer, use to be alot more on GardenWeb-annuals, perennials, WSing, etc...have been visiting Sewing, KT, Household Finances, Money Saving tips...once in awhile cars, Ohio Valley (I also live there, NE) Nature.net...Not enough time to visit favorites and explore all in one day...but sure try...So much info, tips and hints that have helped me, sometimes I'm able to offer some myself...


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Quilting - great bunch of folks who are quick to help out when you need a solution to a problem
Hot Topics - and it can get hot sometimes!

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Just browsing thru, but thought I'd reply to this one....

Decorative and Tole Painting...cause it's what I do and nice people to chat with

Garden Junk....it's the bestest

Trash to Treasure... I wish I could do it and love to see old things repurposed

Crafts / Holidays....new ideas

Home Decorating....like looking at all the pretty houses and the way people decorate them.

They are all addicting!! ~Anj

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Pets- I'm a 3rd year vet student and want to help. Plus there are tons of really great people with excellent advice on training and other non-medical issues with pets. It's a great forum for me to both give and receive advice.

Animal debates- I think that as a future vet, it is important for me to know where people get their information on certain topics and how they feel about certain things. So although I don't always participate in the debates, I do read them a lot.

Home decorating- that's my favorite forum, hands down. Mostly because of the people on the forum, how they can be so helpful and really give you another perspective on your decorating dilemnas. They are also excellent resources for saving money- the more you can do yourself, the more money you save. They also know where to get good stuff cheap. I've totally transformed my plain tract home on a budget with the help of the people on that forum. They are wonderful!

Household Finances- I usually glance at that one, but not so much now that Dave is gone. Stupid moderators- he was a HUGE asset to the forum, a wealth of information. Now the forum is not as helpful to me. Not that others don't have good advice too, but he really explained things in terms I understood.

Marriage- I used to look at that one a lot, but lately it's been so depressing with all the cheating and major problems. I don't seem to have anything in common with the most recent posters, being in a happy marriage and all.

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