EdenPURE Heaters

doterooJanuary 16, 2007

We got mail today about this heater. Have any of you heard about it or tried it? I'd pay the price if it would really cut our heating bill.

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I thought that Eden was not only pure enough (till mankind arrived, anyway), but warm enough, that they didn't need heaters. Wonder what they'd have used for fuel?

Think that Adam (if you credit that there was such an individual) might have been smart enough to have known how to a)fashion, and b)use, an axe? Without steel, it would have had to be made of stone, on which it is rather difficult to fashion a sharp edge.

Yes I can, since I've never heard of that kind, can give no evaluation whatever, sorry.

Maybe you should consider one fired with corn (or wheat or rye) - cheapest heat except wood that you cut yourself. But they do require electricity, if only a small amount.

(Maybe buy a multi-use generator with the savings in fuel?).

o j

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We've had a similar infrared heater - the Sun Cloud - for just over a year. Oak cabinet that makes it look more like a piece of furniture than a space heater. It really does save on heating bills and provides a safe heating alternative. We ran our natural gas furnace for less than 14 different days the entire winter last year - only during the coldest days and while we were gone for several days in December (and it gets plenty cold in Kansas).

Between the Sun Cloud and the window quilts I made to cover the windows, we saved a lot of energy dollars. Our natural gas bills were under $30 a month, while the neighbors (in the exact same townhouse) was 4 and 5 times that amount.

We figured it cost about a dollar a day to run the Sun Cloud. We keep our house fairly cold (62-65F) and close the bedrooms off. We keep the furnace fan on constantly to circulate air, which helps maintain a more constant temperature throughout the entire house.

Be careful of the "fly-by-night" distributors of these types of heaters, as well as internet purchases. Sales, but NO service.... I purchased the Sun Cloud from a locally-owned company which has been in business for 53 years. They not only have the replacement bulbs available, but they will also repair the Sun Cloud. They won't work on the knock-off brands sold by the fly-by-night folks, but stand firmly behind the Sun Cloud.

I've had about 6 different "space heaters" over the last 10 years, so have tried several types and sizes. After our successful winter with the Sun Cloud, we sold the 3 space heaters we had prior to getting the Sun Cloud, at our garage sale. Comparatively, the oil-filled (looks like a small radiator) and the ceramic types of space heaters are actually energy hogs and inefficient.

Bonus to using the Sun Cloud, it doesn't dry the air out like a furnace or other types of space heaters. For the first winter in years, I didn't have dry skin to contend with.

Great for days when you just need something to take the chill off a room without having to start up the old furnace.


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I've not heard of them before, but since I want to cut heating bills as well I visited their web site to see what this heater does.

My general impression was not good, I felt the information was very misleading and that the claims were exaggerated. They seem to be marketing it as a special heater that emits more heat per unit of electric consumed than other heaters, and this is not actually true or even possible. All electric resistance heaters are 100% efficient at converting every Kwh they're provided in to heat. From their own information of how much electric the EdenPURE consumes and how much heat it emits I can confirm it's no more or less efficient than an ordinary electric space heater.

When you take in to account the cost of other fuels, this device will actually cost more per btu emitted than one from an ordinary gas or oil burning appliance does. Any savings realised from using these EdenPURE heaters are not because they are more efficient or provide heat for less cost per btu, instead it's because people have turned off/down their central heating which heats the whole house and instead are heating a much smaller space with a portable heater, probably just the room they're in, and when they move rooms they're taking the heater with them! In theory this works well and does save money, but it does not correlate well to their suggestion you can just plug it in and save loads of money. It involves a whole lifestyle change, and actually the savings have nothing to do with that specific heater as it would work just as well with a boring old oil filled electric heater from any other store.

My thoughts are keep your money, this device won't meet their claims.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Has anyone else tried the Edenpure, Sun Cloud, or other heaters that use the same technology?

It involves a whole lifestyle change, and actually the savings have nothing to do with that specific heater as it would work just as well with a boring old oil filled electric heater from any other store.
Does it heat any better than a boring old oil filled electric heater?

I read a thread elsewhere here where it was debated and a member posted:
Whether it is a $30 heater from WalMart, $55 oil filled electric radiator from Home Depot or a $400 heater from Edenpure, it all the same, 1 KW of electric put in = 3,413 Btu's

I then posted:
Ok, lets add into the mix a 1500 watt hairblow dryer, and a 1500 watt Quartz heater and a 1500 watt Toaster oven

So you are saying that they would all produce 3413 BTUs. Would one particular appliance or heater heat a room just as efficiently as another? I would really like to know if there is a difference in heaters and how well they heat.

After I posted I noticed they were talking about 1000 watts where I was talking about 1500 watts.

Grainlady, I really wanted to email you asking about your location and floorplan or the area yours heated, but saw you have no email link. I hope you see this and respond as to how you are enjoying your Sun Cloud by now. I value your input.


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Any electric resistance heating device that consumes 1500 watts of power will emanate prit near the same 1500 watts of heat output to the surrounding environment ... whether it's a space heater, hair dryer, or toaster oven.

The hairdryer has a powerful blower, perhaps makes it better able to circulate the heat through a room. But noisy.

The quartz heater likely doesn't have a blower, works more by radiant effect, warming objects.

Likewise the toaster oven doesn't have a blower (unless it's a convection oven). And it has a thermostat within the small confined space of the oven that would cycle the elements to maintain a bake or broil setpoint. It may stay on continuously on a toast setting if the toasting cycle isn't controlled by a timer or thermostat.

One could set a desk fan blowing at the quartz heater or toaster oven for circulation.

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What bry84 said.


This issue has been "debated" on the Kitchen table Forum. There is no 'debate'. You can't cheat the Laws of Physics. Period.

If you need a space heater for a room on the far end of your house that the furnace fan cannot blow to, or one under your desk to keep you feet warm, or for zone heating, or whatever, then get one, but you don't need to spend $500 on any of these seen advertised since a $30 one from your local hardware store will function the same.

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Sue/Chemocurl -

I can't confirm or deny what was contributed by dadoes and dilly dally. They usually give great advise and information, however, they don't report numbers from any experience with an infrared-type heater. I can only share what we've experienced, and the numbers from our utility bills and experience with a large number of other space heaters, as well AS the Infrared Heater. The Sun Cloud is the only one we've owned that worked well enough to replace the furnace. It's not used to warm our toes under a desk, it's used to warm the entire area in three rooms.

I live in the middle of Kansas. The space we heat in our home with a Sun Cloud is the center of the house where the living room/dining room/kitchen (open floor plan) are located. Our house is 1372-sq. ft. No north or south exposure in this area, windows only on the west side of this area - front entrance on the east. The three bedrooms and master bath are unheated and closed off from the main area of the house (maintain a temperature in the bedrooms in the mid-50's and low 60's). Unheated basement. The home is 3-years old. All (energy efficient) windows are covered with additional insulation in the form of bubble wrap (see link below) and insulated Levolor blinds.

This year we've only had our furnace on for 10-days - while we were gone for Christmas and while we had guests visiting for several days. We use the Sun Cloud and rarely (for ambience) the small gas fireplace (installed this fall and located in the living room). We never use the fireplace and the Sun Cloud at the same time. Temperatures have been as low as 8°F and have commonly been in the teens this winter.

We now have another Sun Cloud and we use it in the master bath when we bath/shower.

Our use of utilites is much lower than those of the neighbors who have similar households and home sizes and use their furnace as their source of heat. I'm also home all day so we don't drop the temperature during the day.

- Safety - Sun Clouds have an A-1 Insurance rating. Not all space heaters have that rating. Check with your home insurance agent to see if there are space heaters that can increase your insurance because of poor safety ratings.

- This type of heating doesn't remove humidity from the air. For maximum efficiency, a 40% or higher humidity should be maintained in the area being heated. We use a small humidifier in this area of our home to maintain this humidity level.

- What we've noticed that was different from all the other kinds of space heaters we've used is the even distribution of the heat. You can walk around this area of the house and the temperature only varies 1-3 degrees in any direction from the Sun Cloud.

-The heater is placed on a centrally-located inside wall. Even standing within a few feet of the Sun Cloud, you don't feel the temperature is any different than 9-ft. away at the dining table or 8-ft. in the other direction while sitting on the sofa.

-You wouldn't want to use a Sun Cloud in a room with exposed, uninsulated concrete or metal walls. I wouldn't try to use ours in our unfinished/unheated basement.

We have friends, in the same town with a similar-sized home, who have used a Sun Cloud as their primary source for heat for the first time this year and they have the same utility-lowering results. I know we saved enough the first year we had the Sun Cloud to pay for it. We have since given our 1st Sun Cloud to our son and we've purchased 2 more when the store had them on sale.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Thank you all for replying.

I agree, there is no debate, but the quote I made above was from a forum other than the KT. I really am not trying to deny the law of physics and know what I pay per kwh.


Thanks for taking the time to explain all about your experience with your space 'furnace'. I saw where one of the sites referred to them as a space furnace, and my circumstances are much like yours.

I am in IN, so we likely have similarly cold winters. I too have a modestly sized home and am wanting to heat the entire living area and have bedrooms closed off but with no heat. Unheated basement. Energy efficient windows. I too heat the bath up additionally for brief periods at bath/shower time.

I'm also home all day so we don't drop the temperature during the day.
Same here.

I've had about 6 different "space heaters" over the last 10 years, so have tried several types and sizes.
Same here.

What we've noticed that was different from all the other kinds of space heaters we've used is the even distribution of the heat. You can walk around this area of the house and the temperature only varies 1-3 degrees in any direction from the Sun Cloud.
I've read too that the heat is so well distributed from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling as well. I have slight cathedral ceilings in the main living area, (with 2 ceiling fans running), but know that the majority of the heat remains near the ceiling. I really noticed the heat at the ceiling level last winter when I was painting.

At 8¢ a kwt, it would only be $86.40 to run it 24/7 for 30 days. I'd be thrilled if a space furnace was able to heat my entire living area for that during the coldest months. I know too that it would be less than that due to the cycling on and off and that there would be warmer sunny days requiring less use than others.

I've researched several of the heaters, along with warranty, trial period, ease of repair, etc.

I think I may be ready to take the plunge and give it a try.
Given that it has worked so well for you Grainlady as a space furnace, I imagine it would work equally as well for me and my situation of using it as a space furnace.

Thanks again for your wonderful explanation of it all about how it has worked for you. Now it is just anyone's guess as to why the 6 "space heaters" were not capable of heating your home like the "space furnace" has.


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Sue -

Yep, you have similar weather in Indiana to ours in Kansas. My sister lived there for 35-years and recently moved to Texas. In fact, she bought 2 Sun Clouds from here in town and had them shipped to her and that's all she uses for heat in her home. She said it's the first year she hasn't had extreme sinus problems and says it's because of the type of heat from the Sun Cloud.

We bought our first Sun Cloud when we lived in a townhouse with really high cathederal ceilings (we have 9' celings now) and had excellent results using it to replace the furnace (other than the very coldest days of the year or when we were gone on vacation).

We first thought the Sun Cloud would be SAFE supplemental heat in the living room. We were using one of those oil-filled radiators (which made me sick from the oily smell, and are dangerous if you touch them). It's amazing - all the heat from the Sun Cloud doesn't just go up - and I realize that's contrary to physics and can't explain why.

We don't use the ceiling fan when the Sun Cloud is on - it doesn't help and it's suggested NOT to use a ceiling fan to distribute the heat.

We purchased another Sun Cloud this fall thinking we would run 2 Sun Clouds in the living area during extremely cold weather and not use our furnace at all, but the gas fire place took care of that and we kept the second Sun Cloud in the master bath. Natural gas prices went down and the fireplace is more energy efficient than our furnace, so that was incentive to use it. We got the gas fireplace after going through an ice storm a little over a year ago, as an emergency heat source after being several days without electricity.

We've had unusually cold weather all this winter.

We pay 7.50 KWH.


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We purchased this heater, actually 2 of them. One for us and one for my MIL. Do Not waste your money. Our electric bill has gone up with it. We still use it on rare occasions.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Our electric bill has gone up with it.
Well, being an electrical appliance it would, if one was just adding it to additionally heat an area, without making any other adjustments to the houses heat. Savings could only be realized if one was able to lower the furnace thermostat, or better yet use the EdenPure as a "space furnace" as opposed to using it as a space 'heater" and not use anything else.

It is not a heater that would actually benefit everyone, any more than any other heater one could buy for $19.95 or so. It is all in how it is used as to whether or not one will see any savings on their electric or other means of heat...ie natural, gas, propane, oil, etc.

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