Important message to residents of Wyoming ...

joyfulguyJanuary 18, 2007

... may be contained in the thread titled, "Insulate your crawl space".

Especially if you have freezer-full of valuable stuff.

Hope everyone has a warm weekend.

ole joyful

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Why not provide the link?
(Or better yet, reply to that message instead of starting a new one)

I'm only responding to this message in order to knock it off the top of the pile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Insulate your crawl space

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While I did reply to that thread, the reason that I came here is to alert a number of people who are residents of Wyoming about one of their resident's getting a subsidy from the state to upgrade their insulation (in their case, their crawl space) - and how much warmer it made their house.

Also some suggestions about some possible ways to protect one's food in a freezer in case of extended power outage (which, possibly, should have been put into a new thread).

But it seemed to me that the issue of Wyoming people having an insulation subsidy available would likely not have been evident from the earlier thread's title.

Just a furriner trying to do a good dead (keyboard error, again - that was supoposed to be "deed") for some Wyoming folks, that's all.

Unfortunate if I offended you - I won't say, "Sorry" - cause I'm not.

ole joyful

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This might provide some useful info to Wyoming residents who didn't see it, first time around.

o j

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