Super Blade Pro

mst___January 27, 2006

I use to have SBP but I deleted it when I was having a problem with a filter. I reinstalled it but it was only a demo and now I can't access it because the time ran out. It says I need to buy it. I never had to buy it the first time and never had a time limit where it ran out. Can anyone give me some advice?

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I should still have the bookmark of the place where I downloaded it. I can send it to you tonight.

The trouble I have with mine though is that when using the Coconut Ice effect, it puts a black rectangle around the text when I apply it to my text. When I first got the download, it did this, then there was a brief period when it worked nicely, and now it's doing it again. Can't figure out why.

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Thanks Amy, I'd appreciate that. What happened was I couldn't get the Flood to work from Flaming Pear so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Well now the Flood works but not SBP. I hope your link works because I can't afford to buy the program.


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