Outdoor drainage require machinery?

janine09March 16, 2012

We will have to put in a drainage pipes on our property which will connect to a seepage pit in front. Does anyone know what this requires and how extensive..is any machinery needed? (need to know for neighbor). Thanks!

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How deep?

You likely need to be well below frost depth.

How close to foundations?

You can do just about anything by hand with a shovel if you have enough manpower.

Even smaller power equipment can make the job go a lot faster and cost less.

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Sophie Wheeler

You might need a backhoe, or you might need a trencher. Or you might get by hiring a dozen strong backs with shovels. You haven't provided enough information to be able to tell. Location? Depth? Diameter?

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How big of an area are you draining and how big is your pit?

1/10 of an inch of rain will produce 2,840gal of water per acre.

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