Holes in Ceiling

hjvaMarch 3, 2010

I came home to find sheetrock on the floor in my laundry room. I looked up to see a ragged hole (about an inch and and a half wide) in the sheetrock. This is the second time it has happened in the past year. Both holes are in my laundry room ceiling. After the first hole I used a ladder to look in the crawl space above the ceiling and didn't see any wet sheetrock or evidence of a leak. Any other ideas of what could cause this?

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Very strange. Is there debris from the holes on the floor below? I would look closely with a flashlight at the actual hole to see if there are any hairs attached to the ragged edges. I would suspect some kind of animal. What else could it be?
If you could get up into the area where the hole is see if there is any signs of the bugger.

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Squirrels are the most likely culprit. Red squirrels are notorious for invading houses in the fall for a cozy winter retreat, but gray squirrels and flying squirrels can also do this. I'd check carefully outside to see if there is an opening. All three species are more or less active throughout the winter and would most likely have a means of entering and exiting. Both species can and do chew through sheetrock. No squirrels in your area? Then likely mice or rats.

If you live in a squirrel deficient area, then

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