Animal urine everywhere - home prep

homeboundMarch 22, 2010

This evening I will be looking at a prep-for-sale home project that involves several "rescue dogs" and animal urine damage everywhere. An overwhelming mess that I may ultimately pass on, but I'll at least have a look at the job. (house valued over 1M)

I've been asked to take a look at the kitchen cabinetry portion to see if there's anything that can be done to clean & salvage it. 10 yr old cabinetry, large kitchen, likely to be higher-end, but agent says there's peeling of some sort - we'll see about that. I'd appreciate any information from anybody who has dealt with this sort of problem other than as a tear-out. (From an ethical point of view, if I see urine issues inside any cabinets, that's a tear-out as far as I'm concerned. Agree with that?)


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Natures Miracle(or equivalent) enzyme solution mixes with animal(or human) waste and chemically changes it to less harmful/odorous substances.

They do not often help any with the stain, that stays.

I agree that any stains/problems related to animal waste in cabinets should be removed. That usually requires cabinet removal.

I bought a house with that situation on the wooden sub floor and the concrete basement floor. We used about two gallons of the enzyme treatment and have no problems. My wood shop is in the basement room that had the worst mess. Once the carpet/pad was removed and the floor treated, no more odor. There were no stains.

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Worse that I could have imagined. Quality base cabinetry, including a two-level granite-topped island, which all served as "fire hydrants". All base molding and hardwood in the kitchen and dining area is also destroyed by urine, etc. They seem to think refinishing is a solution, but 10 yrs x 10 dogs = far bigger problems. Wow.

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Sounds like a job that needs a gut and redo. Will also be damage under the flooring around the edges.


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Oh yeah. They had the furriest AC returns I've ever seen. Furry sump lid, too. Drain flies from a clogged sink. It goes on, but I'm outta there for good.

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Good idea. Some jobs are just better not taken.

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