Roof Replacement Atlanta GA

tjaniMarch 30, 2011

I need a new roof. How do I go about getting a decent contractor? I had insurance adjuster come but none of the contractors have even bothered to give me an estimate (they all want to see what the adjustor has quoted). I called several companies from BBB website and only 2 even showed up, but didn't provide estimate. So how do I find a decent one? Can I have a non-name brand, south american small guy or would they mess up the project?

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Ask friends for recommendations. Keep calling. Ask for full details in the estimate. Don't necessarily take the cheapest one.

We had one roofing company come out. Wanted "both decision makers" there. High pressure package deal. Escorted out.

///Can I have a non-name brand, south american small guy or would they mess up the project?///

Bwahahaha! hey, he might work hard. But does he have insurance? Will he pull the permits? If it goes bad, does the state have his contractor's number to reach out and contact him? Lessee - you have how much invested in the house protected by that roof?

I have put on roofs (single story ranch) with friends. No biggie, but we were careful about our friend's house.

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Thank you measure_twice. This is way more involved...a real root canal I tell ya.

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