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rocks911March 28, 2012

I am working on a project to turn a small hill in my back yard into a pad for a hot tub. The hill has a retaining wall around it in a half moon shape and on the back of the hill is my/neighbors fence. I had to remove an old hackberry tree and now I'm leveling the hill (dirt work is tough on an old guy)to accommodate the hot tub.

One of my challenges is that the neighbors yard that comes down to the fence has some grade to it. Unfortunately this part of the neighborhood development wasnt thought out too well as I am downgrade from his yard with no drainage designed to carry away rain water. Because I have excavated a little I want to erect a small wall, I suppose you would call it a retaining wall even though it will mostly be in-ground. I'm going to pour a footer with rebar and then put haydite block on the footer to try to keep erosion under control. The block will be mostly above ground. This will be located next to the fence on my side to keep his yard from washing into mine.

Does this make sense?

Anmd yes I know that a french drain is needed but there is no good way to get that accomplished.

So, any thoughts?

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Sophie Wheeler

Just a little bit of moving water can move cars and houses. The pressure of the earth and water will make quick disastrous work of this "wall" unless it is constructed with proper drainage. Do you really want to see all of your hard work washed down the hill? You need an engineer involved to design the project even if you DIY the labor. And ALL retaining walls need some form of drainage, even if they are just short ones.

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Check local rules vary carefully.

There is often a maximum height for any retaining wall that is not engineered.

The limits are often around 24 inches.

If the wall is low enough to not require engineering you just need to know how to provide drainage and make sure the wall will stand.

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Thanks for the replies.
I find it humorous that while doing this project I have sought the input of others on various DIY forums and so far the advice has been to hire an engineer and hire an electrician. DIY indeed.
I'll forge ahead anyways
Thanks for taking the time to stop and look and/or leave a comment.

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