Making dbl. pocket door leaves 'work in unison'

elinpedersenOctober 21, 2009

I am remodeling an accessible bathroom and want to install a double pocket door. Is it possible to add some mechanism to the door that will allow one-handed operation of the two doors, i.e., so they both open or close when one of them is pushed/pulled.

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It is not hard.

A loop of cable is put above the door in the track (pulley sheaves at each end).

Small brackets then attach each door to the correct side of the cable loop so they open and close together.

I use Johnson hardware pocket systems, so there is enough clearance above the wheel bogies for the small cable needed.

1/16 in 'aircraft' cable works well.

The metal replacement wheels for sliding doors make excellent sheaves.

1/4 inch bolts, washers, and self locking (nylon insert) nuts hold the sheaves inside each end of the track.

Make sure you keep the bogies towards the middle of the doors enough to not strike the sheaves.

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Thanks, brickeyee, this sounds like a great solution.

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