failed to create picture?

perk2January 16, 2008

When I used printmaster today I wanted to use some pictures that I have there. They were ones that I imported from another site. When I click on them to select it says "Failed to create picture". I've used them before but I know it has been awhile since. Could someone help me out and tell me how I can use them again? (if possible) THANKS

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Since none of the local experts have an answer I will tell what I know - my knowledge of other programs is limited.
If I try to access an older file stored somewhere on the system at work and it has somehow become corrupted over time so any attempt to modify it or move it fails. I open my image management software (I use Photoshop), I open the image and enlarge it to fill the screen, I press the screen capture button in the top right hand corner of the keyboard which makes a copy of the full screen. I go back to PhotoShop (I imagine any image managing software would work the same) Iopen a new document, click Paste, the image will appear. I then crop and treat the image as a new file and name it something different than the original file.

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Thanks but that didn't help me out. I think the pictures are lost in "computer space" LOL

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