Repaving driveway cost???

nadine33March 16, 2006

Not sure if this is the right site, but I couldn't find any other. ANyone know of an average cost to repave a driveway? OUrs is in pretty bad shape. It's about 3 car lengths long and you can squeeze 2 cars side by side. We live in Mass.

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My mother lives just outside of Worcester, he had hers paved last year. The amount she had paved is 4 cars by 2.

She paid $400.

If you demo and remove the existing that may add to your cost.

If you just put a veneer over what you now have, and existing cracks will likely telegraph through in a couple of years.

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The driveway is asphalt? Concrete? Brick? Concrete pavers?

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You sure you're not missing a zero there?


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We're just getting quotes for our driveway resurfacing and it seems that a rough estimate would be:

$12 per sq yard for repaving (2" surface)
$36 per sq yard for digging an 8" base and 4 - 6" blacktop layer

- Tony

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irish, yeah, it was $400. My bad, her drive can hold 6 cars though, not 8. 3 cars by 2.

I'm in CT, 4" of asphalt runs about 90 cents to $1.05 a foot here.

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