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I'm buying an older home (circa 1890) that has six coal fireplaces. I would like to convert them to woods. Any information from the smallest to completion would be appreciated. Where do I start, who does this type of work, do I need permits, fireplace inserts, chimney insulation, etc. Thank you for any help and suggestions. Mike P

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Coal boxes are too shallow for wood and extremely difficult to convert if you want to maintain it as a masonry unit. You need a fireplace expert, and a LOT of money. As in boatloads.

The least expensive way to do it would be to add a wood burning insert, but it will stick out from the fireplace, need the hearth enlarged, and will need the chimney lined with a modern metal flue. And that's the easiest and cheapest approach. Go to a local shop that sells fireplace inserts and accessories and talk to them for a while first, then if you are comfortable with the costs being thrown around, then set up an appointment to have them come out and assess the condition of them in person.

Most people end up converting only 1 or 2 major ones, and walling over the rest.

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