PSP and resolution

judys_ontJanuary 1, 2007

I have a question about resolution.

Is there a way, with PSP 8.10, to downsize my digital pictures while increasing ppi?

ThatÂs sounds a little confusing I guess.

You see, I used to use Adobe Photo Deluxe on my old computer. The way that program handled resolution seems different that PSP.

In Adobe, according to their tutorial, when resizing a picture to downsize it, it would 'throw out' only some pixels.

So if I had a picture, an 8 x 10 and 180 ppi for example, I could tell Adobe to make my picture 4 x 6 with 200 ppi. and end up with very clear pictures.

In PSP, in the Âre-size box, there is the option to resample. Is that what IÂm looking for? If so, which setting do I use? I have been using smart size.

My digital camera, at itÂs finest setting, gives my 180 ppi and I wonder if I can increase that for better print-outs.

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That is a question for somebody smarter than I as I just take pictures with my digital camera at 1600x1200.
Then I resize them anywhere from 500 to 800 to post etc.
When I want to make prints only, I just leave @ 1600x1200 & print from PSP the size I want etc. I use the Print Multiple option and place them on the sheet.
The end results have been fabulous!


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This is from Jill. I had saved it, don't know if it will help. But I always relied on Jill's expertise.
Resolution Settings for printing photos When it comes to printing photos the biggest problem is usually RESOLUTION.
Screen resolution is approximately 72 dpi and printer resolution is minimum 150 dpi, higher is better, depending on your printer. 300 is usually good.
Look at the Image Information in PSP7 (Image / Image Information). It will give you dimensions in both Pixels and Inches. For an image from my digital camera the dimensions are 1280 x 960 Pixels and 17.778 x 13.333 Inches at 72 Pixels Per Inch (or dpi-dots per inch). If I resize the image to print it I want to increase the Resolution for a better print, which will mean the Dimensions are going to get smaller (more dots to the inch = less inches in the dimensions).
In the resize dialog box select the Actual/print size area. Right now it reads:
Width = 17.778 inches
Height = 13.334 inches
Resolution = 72 Pixel/inch
If I change the resolution to 150 Pixels/inch the Width and Height dimensions change to:
Width = 8.533
Height = 6.4
Changing the resolution to 300 Pixels/inch gives:
Width = 4.267
Height = 3.2
If you make a photo larger than the dimension you get when you change the resolution the picture will start to look blurry when printed. The bigger you make it the blurrier it will be.
Make sense?
I have found PSP to be an excellent tool for working with photos. And for printing my HP PhotoSmart 1000 printer gives excellent results on high quality gloss photo paper and the best photo setting. In fact, from the same digital file I have gotten better prints from my little printer than from the big expensive Xerox color laser printer at Kinko's.
If I can help, I would be glad to answer questions about working with photos in PSP.

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Thanks Jill and Kyry,

Your advice prompted me to go into PSP and play around with the re-size box.
I uncheck the 'Resampling' box and indeed found that I could adjust size while increasing my resolution.

PSP has always been a bit challenging. Thanks for the help.

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