Sidewalk sealing

higgledyMarch 22, 2013

One more sidewalk-related question. I have a son who loves to track mud and dirt onto my porch. The dirt is difficult to clean and stains the porch. This is the front porch so I want it to look clean for guests. Would sealing a concrete porch help keep it clean, in addition to protecting it from water damage? I am thinking the sealer would prevent the dirt from getting trapped in the concrete pores. What do you guys/gals think? Thanks.

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I have a stamped driveway, and I seal it every other year.

A concrete/masonary supply will carry concrete sealer - I used Mighty Brite or Diamond Crystal. I'm sure they have something like this. It's in 5 gallon cans. You may have enough for several years.

Power wash sidewalk, let it dry over night. Using a pole and a roller apply the sealant. Use disposable gloves, buy a cheap roller, brush, roller cover and tray - throw it all out when you're done.

Generally the sealant lasts about two years.

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Definitely! I have a concrete countertop (DIY!) and used an inexpensive sealer - Quickrete Cure and Seal from Lowes - and the concrete doesn't stain. I've had lots of stuff spilled and left on the countertop that would normally stain concrete- it all wiped off with a damp cloth. The sealer was $18/gallon and I used a thin coat on 55 sq ft of counter, I still have most of the gallon left.

Power wash and scrub first, then seal.

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Sealing your sidewalk is a great idea, but you should take the opportunity to make additional repairs and changes to the sidewalk before you seal it. Its better to plan plan to work on a sunny day to help cut down on drying time between tasks.

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