Source for Under Upper Kitchen Cabinet Electrical Outlets

jfawsittOctober 10, 2006


We are just finishing up the installation of the kitchen in our new house. I'm trying to avoid cutting into the proposed slate tile back splash for the electrical outlets. I'm looking for a source for under upper cabinets recessed electrical outlets. I know they are available since they were featured on HGTV earlier in the year but I can't find reference to them in the archive.

If you know a source please let me know,



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Post this over in kitchens.. Lots of talented ladies over there that will answer your questions..

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The most common solution for upper under-cabinet outlets is called "Plugmold", and made by Wiremold. Home Depot carries it. Every electrical house in the country carries them.

it's essentially a flat metal "tube" or "raceway" with outlets every 6 inches or every 12 inches. You bolt them to the underside of the kitchen cabinets, or to the wall under the cabinets.

There are other brands of "raceway with outlets," but they're not as easy to find.

They are not RECESSED, however.
I don't know about the recessed version. Recessed into the wall, or recessed into the cabinets? I don't think I'd want to recess into the cabinets as a stand-alone outlet, bcs you need a metal casing, and some space, etc.

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