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donnamarienjJanuary 5, 2009

I heard somewhere that you can give unused coupons to our troops. Does anyone have info on that?

Alternatively, does anyone know what else I can do with my unwanted coupons? I get piles of them because I run a coupon swap in my office. I'd like to do some good with them before they expire.

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There are lots of sites collecting coupons "for the troops". It sounds like a scam to me but I could not find any article saying so.

Make sure you send them directly to a real person and not to a cover where they go directly to a store owner who pockets the full amount.

Google for all the places that supply names and addresses to send them to. If you run a coupon exchange you should have lots of them to send at the end of every week. Check with the post office for the best mailing rate to the bases and consider the money spent a good deed.

Here is a link that might be useful: ocpnet

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you may want to do a search on hotcouponworld.com for 'expired coupons' and see what you come up with. I know many members there do trades and you may be able to find a specific person who might want what you have and you could have a real person take them off your hands. The ladies over there are SERIOUS about couponing.

Here is a link that might be useful: hotcouponworld

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