Outdoor storage shed advice-vinyl or wood

tinker1121March 6, 2006

Need advice on purchasing an outdoor storage shed.

Replacing a wooden structure built from a kit about 15 years ago. Not sure whether to go with another,

or try one of those vinyl type kits now available at Lowes.Another option is the Amish made type which they deliver assembled, but an expensive option.

Anyone have a Royal vinyl shed, how was assembly and is it holding up?

(Yard is small but want to go to 8 x 10 from 7.5 x 7.5)

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I've helped assemble 3 Royal vinyl sheds over the last 5 years for friends and family.

I don't like them and wouldn't put on in living in a frost, snow, wind, rain climate. They leak too much and the doors don't stay square for long regardless of the material used for base the entire thing sits on.

I am considering installing a shed this spring and will only go with a self-designed shed of wood. However, most likely I will put vinyl siding on it along with gutters (which the Royal's done have).

Everyone I know who has put up a good wooden structure love it.

The ticket is the ensure it is built properly, on the right base, in the right location of the lot and large enough to accomodate your needs.

Just my opinion, someone may completely disagree which is fine.

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Thanks for your opinion. That is why this forum is great as you can get first hand infomormation.
Since you put up 5 of the things, I believe you! Thanks and other advice and experiences welcome.

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Gotta go with dontknow. Have 2 unhappy neighbors with Royals.
I had a 24x24 wooden shed delivered and assembled by Penn-Dutch out of Lancaster Pa. The thing is great and the time it saved me was phenominal. I didn't think the price was so high.

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Going with the pre-built Amish shed. Just makes more sense.
Now not sure of size.
Yard is only 9 1/2 feet on each side of sidewalk.
Would 6 x 10 or 6 x 12 look best.

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Bigger is better.

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I have put together three Royal vinyl sheds about 5 years ago. Two 10 X 8 and one 10 X 12. They went together VERY easily and I had no problem with them staying square. Two of the sheds were assembled prior to three major hurricanes that came through my area. The sheds stood up with no problem. There were winds over 120 mph. This was without the hurricane kits. The specks rated the sheds for winds up to 100 mph. They did not leak. I believe if the prior poster had problems, he must not have started with a square and solid floor, or did not watch that the panels were inserted all the way as instructed. My sheds still look brand new today. They do not corrode or rot like a metal or wood shed would have by this time. The shed is the best option for the money. My vote is for Royal vinyl.

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I live in FL and I too have had NO problems with my Royal shed. I have had it for 10+ years, and it has gone thru many hurricanes and flooding downpours of rain; everything inside has stayed bone dry and safe. In one hurricane, a large limb (about 200 lbs) fell on it, and there was no damage to the shed. I also love the sky light pnl kit. I installed two kits (sets of 2) and it stays well lit inside. I also installed the extension kit so my shed is 10X12. I did not install the high wind kit which was basically steal rods that slip into the pnls interiors, raising the max wind speed to 120 MPH

In the post by don't know, he stated he had gaps. If the original track is not made square, the entire structure will be off and the roof will not align correctly. It is important to assemble it square on a solid foundation (as per the instruction manual) or it could leak and will be crooked. When I originally put it up, my track was off and when I slid the pnls together, the door frame was not square and it rubbed. I slid the pnls back out and fixed the problem with the track. Once done, everything has been great. The sliding together of the pnls only takes about 1 hr, all the hard work was building my wood foundation and squaring the track on it. (Hint: use the 3,4,5 triangle to square it up. See http://www.mathopenref.com/triangle345.html for more info).

PS The reason I saw this link, is I was thinking of taking mine down when I move and shipping it because I like it so much. I haven't seen on at Lowes in a while and wanted to make sure I could buy one at my new home, or I will be hauling the old one with me!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pythagoras' theorem

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I was very happy with my Royal shed I bought 7 years ago. At that time go the 8x 10 from Home Depot. Was up in a day. Hardest part is step 1, a square solid base. Don't skip, or it will not go together square. I was very happy with this shed, never had issues with leaking roof, or doors catching. Stood up well to heavy snow. Skylight kit, adds ton of light, highly recommend it. I had a window /flower box which looked nice ( for the wife). When I moved I was sorry to leave it. Went back and forth on building wood shed vs new vinyl shed. Decided to go with a bigger Royal shed again because I loved the original. (Royal Outdoor Products is now Barrete FYI). Esquire 10 x10 with 4 foot extension 2 skylights and windows kit for about $2200 Lowes NY. I know it will go up quick and last a 20 years plus. No issues with rot or termites. Hope this helps some others who are trying to decide which shed to go with. Oh one other thing to consider. I the town I live in all wood shed >50 sqft are subject to tax assessment. Vinyl sheds don't count, and you can go up to 150 sqft before they will consider this for accessed.
I included a link for the Barrete Site below. Lowes did not have a lot of info on there site. I ended up call Barrete for info, and got the "Lowes order #'s) so I could order this thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barrete Shed's Site.

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My Duramax Woodbridge Vinyl shed is about 12 yrs old...looks great.
Very sturdy. Once a year we scrub it down to make it clean.
Only draw back is it leaks when it rains.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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