Saving on carbonated water

sylvia55January 10, 2008

I recently read a good tip in a magazine - instead of buying fizzy water buy a soda machine and make your own from tap water. Our tap water tastes fine & is supposed to be good quality so would not have a problem with this.

The current (joke) Mr Sylvia55 drinks a lot of fizzy water as he does not like tea/coffee so may be worth it.

Has anyone tried this - any views?????

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I bought a Pur water filter pitcher. I filter tap water,then put the pitcher in the fridge. Cold filtered water tastes great! I've never heard of or seen a soda making machine. Anybody else?

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Here is a link for the Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker (see below).

The machines, several models, including one whimsically shaped like a penguin, start at about $100. C02 canisters are less than $20. The syrups are $3.99 or about 33 cents per serving. Everything is available through the company."

I'm not sure what they call a "serving"? You can get a 12-oz. can of Sam's Club pop for around 15-18 cents a can when you purchase it in 12 packs or flats of 24 cans. I priced it last summer when I supplied soda for a group picnic.

I occasionally make homemade root beer or ginger ale in recycled 2-litre soda/pop bottles - for pennies. You can find instructions on the Internet. All it takes is water, sugar (I use low-glycemic agave nectar), flavoring, and a small amount of yeast (used for bread-making).

A good book on the subject is "Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop" by Stephen Cresswell.

Carbonated beverages are NOT cheap! They are yet one more costly habit really frugal people try to avoid. That and quenching thirst with copious amounts of fruit juice and milk. What a waste of money when they really need WATER!


Here is a link that might be useful: Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker

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Hi Grain Lady - we do not drink pop - I was asking about carbonated WATER - no additives - just tap water and gas - I do not like the gas & drink tap water and good old British tea (Red Bush is good as well) but current Mr Sylvia55 likes his water fizzy - one of he few pleasure in life so I had better indulge him or he will turn grumpy. (only kidding again).

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We had one of these machines a long time ago, they were very fashionable in the 1980's. It worked well and the gas lasted a long time.

The only possible problem was that we had to return the gas bottles to a store as partial payment for a new one. They were refilled and sold again. It worked for us as a local store did this, but you really need to find out the cost and availability of the gas bottles. I remember that they were fairly expensive, but like I said, they also lasted a long time.

Also, it works better with chilled water as it can hold more carbon dioxide.

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sylvia55 -

You posted, "I was asking about carbonated WATER - no additives - just tap water and gas - ".

That's what I provided a link to. Adding sweeteners and flavorings is an option.


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What about those things they sell everywhere that look much the same as a cocktail shaker or seltzer bottle you attach the tiny gas cylinders too. They're not that expensive. Here's a link to a CR report taling about them. I like how they refer to what I'm talking about as the type a clown might use to squirt people LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: seltzer maker article

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I pondered the same thing as I love fizzy water too. However when I did the research I found that the CO2 cartridges only last for one bottle. You fill the bottle with water and charge it with the cartridge and the water is fizzy and the cartridge is spent. The cartridges were about the same amount of money for the 75 cents I spend on my fizzy water (per bottle) so it wasn't worth it for me to make the fizzy water. Also you can only find the cartridges in certain stores and therefore I would have to drive further (rather than 2 min to the grocery store) to get these cartridges and that makes them even more expensive in the long run.


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After reading this thread I bought a Brita water jug and a SodaClub home carbonator to keep up with my bubbly water addiction. Wow, what an awesome investment. The Brita was $24 at the grocery store and the SodaClub machine was $99 which included two gas canisters. I am drinking a lot more water and a lot less juice, I used to hold off on drinking the club soda or sparkling bottled water because it was too expensive. A peek into my recycling bin tells me that I have reduced my plastic footprint by 95%.

Our city tap water is terrible and I was suspicious of the Brita's ability to handle it but it is amazing. I even give the dogs filtered water now!

Thanks for the tip!

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I am OLD. What is the attraction about carbonated water of any kind..........Including soda? If you want flavors....water and lemon? Juice? I just do not get it....sorry.

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HI prairefloozie - yes I agree - I hate carbonated water by the old man loves it - and he doesn't drink much tea/coffee so I have better let him have some pleasures - also water has 0 calories which is a bonus.

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