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xminionJanuary 7, 2003


Was at Borders last week. On display by the customer service desk was a CD "Relaxation for the Holidays" by Gaiam, for a penny!

It's an instrumental sampler, basically targeting those who do yoga. It has some good tunes though, like Arobesque. It's quite mellow. Good for background music at work, etc.

It may not be anything you'd pay full price for, but, I couldn't help myself. So, I purchased 7.

The clerk at the register announced to the other clerks that she had waited on the biggest purchaser in Border's history-A whole .08 cents!


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how much tax did you have to pay on them? just curious!

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penny tax

7 cd's for eight cents!

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Hi xminion,

You should live here.

A 7 cent purchase attracts no tax.

An 8 cent purchase attracts a penny. I noted that you'd paid 8 cents for the seven records and had figured the reason.

My postal outlet was rather disgusted with me the other day. I'd bought several stamps back when it cost 43 cents to mail a letter, and I had three or four letters to mail at current cost of 48 cents.

So - I told her that I wanted three transactions of 5 cents each, to avoid the tax.

She told me that she couldn't do that.

So I told her that I wanted one 5 cent stamp. Then another, etc.

As Dad used to say, there's more ways to kill a cat than choking it with cream.

ole joyful

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Oh Ed, if I worked at your post office (or was behind you in line,) I think I would have taken the penny (or two, or three) tax out of my own pocket and paid it for you. I was a bit annoyed at DH a few weeks ago for suggesting that he double stamp several letters rather than walk into the PO and buy the 3 cent stamps (after all, that would have wasted a dollar.) But, wasting other people's time to save a penny is where I draw the line. I will, however, bend down to pick up a penny. But, that's my own time that I'm wasting. Don't take it personally (as I'm sure you won't) and keep being joyful.

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Recently, I accompanied son and some others to ribfests, festivals, picnics, fall fairs, etc., where they blow long balloons, then twist them into animal shapes, hats, etc. for kids.

I was asked to get three extra large coffees: price $1.50 each.

So I put $4.50 on the counter.

The clerk said that was not enough - that the price was $4.83.

I asked what he was talking about - that three times $1.50 is $4.50.

He said that it was due to the tax. I think it is that, in an eating establishment, items costing over $4.00 are taxed.

So ... now I buy one coffee, then two more.

Tell the clerk to ring in the sale(s) any way he likes - but I'm only paying $4.50.

What a dirty trick to play on our poor, beleaguered government!

ole joyful

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well Joyfull guy,I work at the post office and let me tell you,I had a customer that came in one day and decided to do the same thing.I humored him and rang them all in separately,Well you should have seen the ruckus it caused in the lineup.I thought one little old lady was going to punch the old guys lights out.Meanwhile I;m just standing there with a smirk on my face.After all they wern't upset at me .It was the guy buying all the individual 6 cent stamps they wanted to kill.LOL..Try not to do it when the lineups are long ,such as Christmas time.We don't want you to get hurt or anything.

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Mail early for Christmas, all.

If I didn't get hurt too badly - probably I could still post here.

I do try to pull such stunts when I'm not inconveniencing people. If things are busy, I usually just meekly conform.

It's rather hard though - being something of a non-conformist.

Tell me that we've always done it that way, and I'm as liable as not to say, "Give me three reasons why we should".

I hope that you're all enjoying this beautiful season.

ole joyful

P.S. Some of you older characters may remember a comic strip years ago that featured a(t least one) dog with quite a pronounced crook in his tail - had got it caught in the screen door.

Non-conformist clergy have a tendency to get their tails caught in screen doors, on occasion.

Actually in England quite a number of years ago, non-Anglican (i.e. Episcopalian), non-Roman Catholic Christians (i.e. Protestants) were frequently called "non-conformists". Still are, I think.

What do they say - "Where everyone thinks alike - no one thinks very much"?


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Joyful - "Give me three reasons why we should."

I love these forums and have been lurking for a while...finally decided to become a member of the community. Wish the world could share ideas as respectfully as those here.

The cd sounds nice (I could use some mellow sounds), I recently found an instrumental of 18 holiday songs for 0.99 and I thought that was a deal...

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