My electrician made HUGE holes in my walls..

gillylilyMarch 10, 2010

I am having a built in ;made for under my windows and on either side of my fireplace. AS a result we had to have some outlet's moved because they would have left no room for the wood supports. Our electrician whom we have used for 6 yrs now and NEVER had an issue with before mad enormous holes in the wall in order to "drag" the wires down and over. If this normal? I kept asking him if I should cover up the holes and he said no since the built ins will cover it up. But I am nervous b/c of a A- Rodents and B- It looks awful ( when I open the doors on the built-ins you will see these gaping holes.

My question is

1- Is this normal to do?

Thanks for your help!

2- Should I patch up the walls (have a professional do it obviously)


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If your built ins have no back then you need to fix the holes.

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Very difficult to know if what he did was necessary without seeing the actual wall/wiring. Sometimes it is necessary as running wiring safely is very important.

Fix the holes. If only to make you more comfortable.

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YOu gotta break eggs to make an omelette. Holes are normal. How big they are depends on where the wire was and where it needs to go.

If the holes bother you, then cover them up. Typically, wall repair isn't quoted or done by electricians. THey run wire only. If you want wall repair also, that's extra and from another source. If you're having extensive services relocated, sometimes it's actually easier (and cheaper) to take off the drywall entirely (Gut to the studs) and do all of the electrical/mechanical/plumbing and then have a crew come in and completely replace the drywall.

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Sounds like they are on a outside wall so they should be patched to prevent infiltration. The patch doesnt have to look perfect though since they will be covered.

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Thanks all for the input.. In the past when he made a hole, he has patched it up for us..I think he just figured since it is going to be covered up that it didn't need to be patched up. But we ended up having it patched up today b/c we couldn't bare to look at it. It is a brand new house so seeing the huge holes scared us a bit. But all is fine now. He will be back next week to actually install the plugs once the cabinets are built in!
Thanks again for your help!

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What is the wall made from?

Drywall is very easy to patch.

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Day late Brick

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