drywall wasn't taped by builder... newb question please

merrybookwyrmOctober 24, 2010

I'm a total newb at home fixing. Sigh.

I took off old wallpaper, prepared the drywall (I thought), and added texture to the walls. So far, so good. I didn't realize, until I got to the only corner not covered by cabinets, that the original builder did not tape the corner where the walls come together. I then removed popcorn ceiling, and found the builder did not tape the ceiling-wall junctions either. I have thought I would have to take the texture and popcorn off the drywall and tape the drywall seams. It was suggested that I could caulk these seams instead. Is this a good idea? If it is a good idea, can caulk be painted?

Thank you.

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I would suggest doing the job right, which would mean mudding and taping the seams. The factory edges of drywall are beveled to accept mud so caulk would only fill in the gap between the pieces, you'd still have a bit of a valley on either seam for about 3". Pretty darn noticeable on a ceiling without a very heavy texture like popcorn.

Yes, some caulks can be painted although 100% silicone caulks usually can not. Read the tube.

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Thank you. Mudding and taping the seams it is.

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Taping the seams is a structural issue as well as a cosmetic one. A unified taped drywall surface helps a home to resist shear loads. It's stiffer and more structurally sound. If the joints are not taped, then each can move independently as the home shifts and settles, leading to more cracks and a less stable home.

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"Shear loads" as in loads created by home shifting due to *moving slab foundations*?

Thank you very much for enlightening me.

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