Wants to replace the locks of my house

herexmafeMarch 18, 2013

Hey the locks of my house are in a very bad situation and they are also belongs to very old technique so now i want to replace them with advanced locks so that i'll feel more secure but i dnt know that which locksmith will be the best for me? if someone have suggestions kindly share them with me.

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which one is best???...one in your area.
as no one knows what your area might be
how can we help??

what about yellow pages
or online search for locksmiths in your area?

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Replacing locks is usually very simple. Ask a handy friend to help you out.

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Hello herexmafe,,
I think you have to search your surrounding market and research for the good locksmith, or you may consult it with your neighborhood for some suggestions...

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Advice from a 60+ yr old woman, just go to a home improvement store and buy new ones-even ACE or ACO have new locks & door handles. The cost for a locksmith will be about $60 per lock, plus the visit and hardware. From the store, you can get them all keyed alike in the finish you want (brass, chrome, brushed stainless). All you will need is a scewdriver, to remove the 2 screws (usually on the inside of the house) (or one inside and one outside) and the 2 screws on the side of the door---and ask the store worker if you are unsure of doing that kind of work. Take a good look at your handles/locks at home before you go-and measure the thinkness of the door. You can always return the locks and call a locksmith.
. I work in the yard alot, so I installed a push-button lock door handle from the garage into the house. No need to carry a key, and I put in a code that is easy for me to remember (not the house addresss, or my birthday)and I can change that code at any time. Some theives would see the garage door open and enter the house while the homeowner was mowing the back yard. I just use it for peace of mind. I do have a hidden key incase the batteries fail, but it has been about 3 years now, and it is still working great.
Also think about using longer screws (2") for the striker-so it is into the frame of the house and not just the moulding.
Doing many home repairs is so easy with all the information available on the net. I recently replaced a broke garbage disposal, the hardest part was getting back up off the floor when I was done.
Be empowered and same some money!!

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