Sealing drafty gas fireplace (crosspost)

greenbean08_gwMarch 25, 2010

I also posted this on the FP forum earlier but I thought it might be a good idea to ask here as well.

I have a gas fireplace that has a pretty significant breeze coming from the bottom vent area when the north wind blows.

Here's the problem (click to enlarge):

From misc

This does not lead directly outdoors. The breeze seems to come through the direct-vent chimney, around the back of the fireplace and out this hole. What can I safely use to seal around this gas pipe under my fireplace? Thanks!

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Time to move along...

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fire rated caulk.
with the size of the gap you would have to apply the
caulk in stages allowing it to dry between applications.
you should also take a look in the attic to see if
the area is sealed also.
I have seen fire rated foam...but know that foams
shrink and don't seal over time.with caulk you have
control over the application..foam doesn't allow you
that control.
caulk will expand and contract, foam will shrink and
pull away from area being sealed,
this is based on my experience, and testing.
best of luck.

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I ended up having the furnace guy look at it today while he was here (I was overdue for a cleaning anyway). He patched it by cutting 2 small squared U-shape pieces of sheet metal, slipped one on each side of the pipe and taped it with the shiny duct-sealing tape. We'll see how it does!

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