A new breakthrough in cheap! For me...

kathy_January 19, 2003

I posted this on the "throw away" thread too but I bought 3 bras at the Goodwill. Boy I felt funny buying them but they are nice and like (or are) new and bright white too. $3.25 each and they are the kind you could not touch for that unless you spend more time shopping clearences than I do. They don't have any of those dang wires in them either (must have been invented by a man). Didn't buy any undies though - yet. I need to draw the line somewhere. Kathy_PA

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I have not yet purchased undergarments at Goodwill but if I saw some that would fit and like new...I would buy them too. I see nothing wrong with it if it doesn't bother you. some people will not buy second hand anything....to each their own. Good for you!

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The Salvation Army by me has had new packages(unopened) of undies & bra's with the tags still on them several times.

I think I paid .50 for each item during a clearance sale they had...hehe, can't beat clearance at S.A. I guess.

Azarae D.

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I know what you mean. I hid behind the rack when I bought a bra last year!

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Hi Everyone,
I love charity shops - especially in January when all those NEW GIFTS folk don't like/want/fit arrive - NEW.
My wardrobe gets a boost. My pocketbook sighs relief and the charity shop makes a little bit too.
Love those places. I also buy pyrex baking dishes cheap there, fabric for sewing and whatever else I can use that still works, is clean and suits my fancy.
Kathy, I'd get a bra too if they had decent ones available.

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Just yesterday my neighbor wanted me to take a bag of her clothes to Goodwill as long as I was going. But she said, Wait, if I'm going to donate this bag I better remove the bras!

I told her nahhh, there's a buyer for just about anything! LOL

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I just donated 3 new bras w. tags to our local mission...bought them at Big Lots (no dressing room to try on) and then lost my receipt.
Hiya McPeg...long time no see! Very good point about the thrift shops at this time of year...never thought of it!


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Hi all,

While on a trip to Illinois and NC/GA last summer, I found several towels by the roadside. Forgot some at my niece's but have washed the (bath-sized) ones I found later a couple of times: two look like new, one has couple of slight stains. About once more and I'll use them.

Also found a light (nylon?) jacket on roadsie, with light lining, belonging to "Donnell" of "CVS" - found in nw OH, I think. Almost new. I'm wearing it now - to hold the heat in my sweater and the air it contains.

It has a U.S. flag on the left shoulder - but that's O.K. I don't plan to wear it out on the street.

Maybe should give it to son, as he has dual citizenship, his Mom being an Iowan.

Found a set of combination thermal underwear in 1982 by the roadside in Alberta while on 50 mile commute to my second job. After a couple of washings, I wore them - wear tee and briefs underneath.

They're still in service. Should have held a twentieth anniv. party for them last year, I guess. Cuffs are rather stretched and there's a couple of (small) holes - but they're still O.K.

Also found a stout nylon rope on the road in Alberta. While on a trip to Ontario, I found a guy in northern MI with a Caddy in a snowbank. The flexibility in the rope gave me some extra pull - but still couldn't get him out.

Good wishes, all.

jes ole Ed

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TREKaren - what size were they? LOL! My Mom put some bras out for a yard sale and said they would not sell and they were the first thing to go...
Ed I can stop on a dime if I see something on the road - and have some tools that came from there. A friend of mine found a new wheelbarrow.. I saw a new beatup refrigerator along the interstate once - wonder what that fell off of? I had a laugh the other day when I saw someones black framed glasses on the road. It was a black plastic cord that was curled in 2 loops. I stopped to "save" it.
McPeg I love the after Christmas stuff too. Wish I'd find some furniture but I think the workers keep anything decent - have seen them loading stuff out the back door. Kathy_

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I had the good fortune of enjoying my Saturday mornings helping out in a nearby charity shop. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances it had to close. I tell ya, I loved those Saturdays. To enlighted those who may think there is funny things going on -
this shop manager was a real gem

1. she called the old folk when they did not appear and sometimes sent the 'known' drivers by to see if everything was okay
2. we recycled as much as possible - clothing that we knew would not sell was placed in rag bags for further pickup by a charity that recycled fabrics
3. there was a huge turnover of furniture/appliances. Families in dire trouble we sold furniture to for A DOLLAR (for the accounting). And believe me, I know there are many who are truly struggling.
4. if a child we knew who came from a struggling family situation, we would sell them books/toys etc for whatever they could offer. I would rather see a child with a toy and a smile or book than one without.
5. anyone looking down, we would make them a coffee and give them a chair to sit in. One old lady arrived one cold morning - tears in her eyes. sat her down at a table, invited her to stay as long as she wanted, had some cookies. It was the anniversary of her husbands death, it was miserable and cold, she was sad and very, very lonely. She stayed a few hours. We chatted, enjoyed her company, she warmed up, had some hot tea with her and we all felt better sharing our time with her.
6. staff were able to purchase items at a further reduction in exchange for their time.

Believe me, I never met so many dedicated, caring people. It was only my second year in Scotland after moving from Canada. I can't go anywhere now, in this area, without stopping to say hello to someone. I know not all charity shops are the same but I love them and have lots to time to say hello to the folk who volunteer their time.


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it certainly sounds as though you found a gem of a charity shop, including people like yourself. i wish they were all like that! your efforts are so commendable. :o)

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Hi all,

The thermal underwear combination that I referred to last year - about fourth post above this on this thread - as having been picked up on the roadside over 20 years ago (and not new at the time) ...

... are still going strong.

A couple more holes now and getting near the end of the road, I guess - but still operational.

One more winter, do you think?

"Suppose, wearing holey or [purportedly] disreputable underwear, they take me to hospital emergency", story that I heard as a child ... doesn't bother me too much - hospital staff will be more interested in my injury than in my underwear. At least - I hope so.

Won't they?

My motto - wash 'em a couple of times (maybe three if they appear a bit grubby), then wear 'em.

Enjoy your bargains, folks,


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"While on a trip to Ontario, I found a guy in northern MI with a Caddy in a snowbank. The flexibility in the rope gave me some extra pull - but still couldn't get him out. "

So, Ed, I guess this means you didn't get to KEEP the guy OR the Caddy, right?

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Oh Ed you will be the talk of the hospital! Now go git yourself a new pair - they should be on sale about now. Kathy_PA

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People give me bags of clothing. I am always amazed at the ones that give their underwear.Usually it is too large, but even if it wasn't, it is my holdout item.I buy everything else used but can't get around the idea of wearing used underwear.Once I got lucky and someone gave me brand new in the package in my size. Guess they bought the wrong size and didn't want to return them.One lady gave me all her silk undies to clean with,(I clean houses).I always wondered how long I would have clients if I used undies instead of towels and washcloths.And I guess that I have a hard time getting around the idea that a piece of fabric that has little brown stains down the center of it is going to wipe someone's kitchen counter LOL.I know that many elderly people, even the rich ones hang onto every available scrap of fabric and recycle them into rags.I've heard that some types of undies are lint free for window cleaning, and lrod knows I am a trashing fool, but this seems to be my one hold out. Sandy

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Recently I was lucky and replaced all my underwear. My old stuff was still very good and freshly washed, so I took it to a local thrift store that supports our Head Start kids. The lady in charge told me that she saves things like that for the parents of Head Start kids. She just gives it to them. I was very pleased to find a use for my stuff instead of just throwing it away.

I have volunteered at one local charity and they throw away a ton of stuff. I'm too frugal for that.

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Hi again cupajoe,

While I could understand your clients being somewhat upset if you polished their kitchen counter with long-used, possibly even holey undies ...

... maybe use them as floor-cloths, clean-up rags, etc. [at first I wrote "rages" - thought I really should amend].

Don't let your snooty neighbours divert you from your commendably frugal ways, now.

joyful guy

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Actually I may have a use. One of my houses has probobly 60 or so large Arabian copper kettles that I have to maintain.Last week I asked them for polishing rags and they handed me a large stack of perfectly good hand towels which I find I can't bring mtself to ruin. So I set aside a bag of raggedy rags from my house. I will be cutting them into squares so hopefully none will be the wiser.Sandy

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Greetings cupajoe,

Life do have its problems, don't it?


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It would seem your's has a few more than mine right now.Good to see you posting again. I hope your car is not giving you too much trouble.Sandy

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