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gmp3June 25, 2012

We have poor air circulation in our new house so I want to install some ceiling fans to pull some of the cooler air from the basement (which is like a meat locker) up stairs. I am trying to avoid a whole house fan because it would be visible from the front entry.

So, my other fixtures are black or very dark brown and my floors are dark wood....any examples that look reasonably nice?

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Ceiling fans are not going to pull cool air from the basement.

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Graywings is right. However, mine are plain white, ceiling-huggers. I use them to circulate air on cool days when the windows are open and also to move around the air from the AC upstairs.

Why is your basement so cold? Mine was cold until I sealed some leaks from the AC ducts, which also resulted in more cool air getting upstairs. Of course, it is still cool in the basement since it is below ground.

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I think you can run them in reverse to pull air upward.

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I agree with Graywings, you may try with a stand fan to cool your house with the windows open.

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You can run them in reverse and I do switch ours seasonally. I wouldn't be without them for air circulation. We keep our AC at a much lower setting because of the fans.

I feel the ones with individual globes give off much better lighting.

This one is a Hunter fan. I wish I wouldn've picked something less ornate as I've long been over the look.

These two were both much cheaper fans but all three work great and we never had to use the balancing kits that came with any of them.

Just make sure you get the right size fan for the room. One that's too small won't kick enough air around.

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Thanks Sheesharee, I really like the last one, it is pretty close to what I think I need. I posted in the heating AC forum to see if they think it makes sense. So far one person thinks it may work. My stairs are open riser and run from the basement to the second floor, so air will move.

I don't want box fans because I have kids and they'd be knocking them around all the time.

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Here is mine. Actually, we have this same fan in all rooms. We opted for no lights but you can get a light kit for it. The body is black and the blades are a dark walnut. The brand is Minka Aire.

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Do you have an attic? That's where our whole house fan is. It's great, can pull cool air from the basement or in through the windows when open.

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Do some research on whole house fans, because they have some new ones. As katlan mentioned, there is one model that can be mounted up in the attic and has 4 "tentacles'/vents that get installed in the ceiling of 4 different rooms. You can then adjust the flow by opening different windows.

We have a whole house fan installed vertically in a skylight shaft and it is a great spot to hide it. Although the whole house fan is really for climates with cool nights, where you can open the windows to circulate the cooler outside air into the house, through the fan and out through the attic.

You might want to look into having some zones/dampers installed for you AC.

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I just ordered this gorgeous fan from Horchow. It can be used outdoors. Haven't installed it yet, but I hope to get an electrician out here to do it this week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Horchow Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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This is the fan we purchased last year to put in our bedroom. Pricey, but worth it! My only complaint is that the light isn't super bright, but then again we have a very large bedroom and not a lot of natural light after 11am.

Here is a link that might be useful: Casablanca Vita

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I agree ceiling fans are not going to draw cool air from your basement up to the first floor. If you basement is that cold you may need to run a dehumidifier so that you do not get a moldy mildew smell down their. Sounds like you have dampness not coolness going on.

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We got ours from Home Depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our ceiling fan

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Weezenuts, LOVE that outdoor fan! WISH I had seen it before I bought three new ORB ones for our screened porch and patio....:-(

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We live in the midwest, where the nights are often cooler. But, we have a lot of humidity in the air. Last year I had a heating and cooling guy stop by and talk to me about whole house fans. Since it pulls the cool air from outside, the humidity comes right in with it. I'm not sure where you live, but that may be a factor. He told me to go with just a regular attic fan to draw out some hot air. We have an upstairs (which I will definitely never get again. I grew up in a ranch and miss it every day.) Obviously, warm air rises so the upstairs is really hot. In my parent's home it feels like a strong breeze running throughout the home when it runs. The only thing is that with a two story it just doesn't pull quite as good as a ranch. One thing he did was to tell me what vents to close in the summer to make sure the cool air draws to the right places (random ones, not ones in rooms we don't use). That helped a lot! Have a cooling guy stop by and ask him. He may provide you with good information. BTW, a whole house fan for ours was to be I think 2500 (our home is 2500 sf). And, the attic fan was just 800 or 1000. I'm sure a good guy could diy. Some food for thought.
Good luck!

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