Stop sending me blank credit courtesy checks

EATREALFOODJanuary 4, 2013

A handy way to stop those blank checks coming in the mail:
I called the company(not the main customer service number as I did not want to close the account but a number I was transferred to) and told them in a very disgusted voice that the person didn't live at this address and if my landlord saw the mail I would be evicted.
I lie all the time to corporations, it's the only way to deal with them. I did opt out years ago from solicitations but that does not prevent these checks from being issued.

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I just called customer service and told them I don't want to receive those checks any more.

They stopped, without me lying or being disgusting.

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I wasn't disgusting I used a disgusted voice(meaning fed up) which is different from being disgusting. Please re-read my post.
Sorry after numerous attempts like telling them my post box was not secure this method worked.
I'm glad one phone call worked for you, your credit card company is in the minority I think.

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One was Discover... definitely NOT a minority company.
The other PNC Visa, no small potatoes either.

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please note: minority [mi-nawr-i-tee, -nor, -mahy-] Show IPA noun, plural minorities, adjective.
the smaller part or number; a number, part, or amount forming less than half of the whole.

"In the minority" does not mean, a small company or "small potatoes".
The CC I was dealing with is FirstUSA, a major bank card.
I am not entirely clear as to why my post seems to annoy you, having said that, I could be reading it incorrectly. My post was an honest assessment of how I handled unwanted, unwarranted mail in my mailbox which may help others to be assertive when continual asking doesn't work. Blank checks are an invitation to identity theft and should be regulated. CC should only send them if requested. end of story.

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"I am not entirely clear as to why my post seems to annoy you"

Good... because I am not annoyed at all!

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You can stop financial mailings, but it will cost you a dollar. I never get them anymore. I opted out of everything.

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I'm a little confused here. I'm not thrilled with getting those credit card checks either, but it's not that much trouble for me to toss them in the fireplace (in winter) or firepot (summer) with the rest of the unwanted mail I get.

Here's where my confusion sets in. IF you tell them the person doesn't live there, the mailbox isn't secure, etc--to stop the checks won't you stop your bill/statments as well? Doesn't that present more of a problem than the unwanted checks do?

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That's why I just state the truth... I do not want to receive those checks, and I will not be responsible if someone intercepts one and cashes it.

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azzalea-a different dept.(not billing)handled cancelling the checks so I did receive the bill. Since I didn't request them and they can be cashed if misplaced/stolen I just don't think they should send them unless I call to ask for them. The less junk mail the better, especially this kind.
Stating that you will not be responsible will not prevent the CC from claiming that you cashed them. No one wants to spend time on the phone/writing letters to clear that up.
I just state the truth also...
If you opted out which I did many many years ago, your CC can still send you solicitations/offers.
Well anyhow I hope this info about stopping these checks benefits someone.
Oh and I have been receiving many phone calls to switch electric companies, I told the girl I now have solar :)

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I heard somewhere if you don't open the envelope and write on it "return to sender" they will quit sending them to you. I think they have to pay the return postage. Think it would work?

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deb-I heard that also but wouldn't take the chance with blank checks. With corporations you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.
I recommend a great book:Your Bank Is Ripping You Off: How to Fight Back and Save a Fortune.
As my GF said the other day we are under attack by these corporations. fees fees & more fees.

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Maybe a new bank is in order!
I pay zero fees... even my checks are free.

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Take matters into your own hands. When they mail you blank checks, rip them up and toss them. In the summer I burn them in my barbecue.

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Here's an idea: let those checks get burned up (at your own hand).

Better than getting burned up, yourself, over it.

ole joyful

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Burning the checks, or shredding them, assumes you receive them in the first place. The danger lies in them being intercepted from your mailbox before you even knew they were there...Best to ask not to receive them any more so they can't be intercepted.

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