Proper way to shut off water supply?

bobb_2010March 31, 2010

At plumbing repair time I shut off the whole-house water. The system is drained to enable repairs. After repair is completed the main water is turn back on. However now the system have "bubbles" and turning on the faucets immediately after such repairs make the water come out with annoying and loud "spits."

How to avoid this?


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You can't. The air needs to come out of the pipes. You can lessen the effect by turning on the water very slowly after the repair to let the air out.

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Thats correct, open the main just sufficiently to hear the flow.
Open all of the fausets in the house until you can no longer hear air flow.
Turn the faucets off, open the main.

Don't let these inanimate objects get the better of you.

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Remove any filters and let the water flow full strength to clear any repair debris from the lines.

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The best way as told to me by a plumbing inspector friend is to open all the faucets in the house with the main OFF.
Then S-L-O-W-L-Y open the main and let the water flow till no more air.

Then starting at the faucets closest to the main, start closing them-this will get all the air to the end of the line, and out of the pipes.

The reason for the slow opening of the main is to keep any calcium built up in the pipes from dislodging and becoming lodged in the sink and toilet shutoff valves, and the faucet valves.

I've been doing this for years, never had a problem.

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