Driveway Renovation

RICRenoOctober 20, 2012

We are looking to rip out our existing asphalt driveway which has a partial belgium block (cobblestone) edging, reshape it, add block all the way around, and repave it with asphalt/concrete. I was thinking of doing the demo myself, placing the block edging and filling the driveway with stone for now, paving at a later date when the stone has compacted some (and we've been able to save up more money). My question is what order is best? Should we have someone pave the driveway, then go back and create the border, etc? Or is it better to create the border, then let them fill it in? Didn't know if anyone had encountered this before. Thanks for any help.

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I'd think, not knowing any specifics, that having the driveway done first and then go back and do the surrounding pavers makes the most sense. Having the pavers installed just so the asphalt guys can come and pave and probably upset the paver install would make that scenario a poor choice IMO. Good luck though!!!

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