Bathroom Exhaust Ducts Disconnected in Attic

lostinitMarch 6, 2010

Recently I made a trip up to my attic to measure for buying Flooring for storage when to my dismay I saw that both bathroom ducts were laying on top of the loose insulation and I noticed what appeared to be black spots on the interior roof inside the attic. I didn't venture throughout the attic but am now worried. We have had the house for one year and in that year we have been using the exhaust fans in our bathrooms. Unfortunately, since the inspection of the home I never thought to go up there. This was a remodeled home with a new roof (etc). Now when I go up I find this and I can only surmise that this has been that way for sometime since the mold spots are already black. I was able to tape up one of the ducts to the vent but I could barely get duct tape around it because the hole was small and also because there were rusted nails from the roof sticking through near the tight opening. Anyway I have two questions, first is what is recommended for clamping these ducts to the damper vents on the roof? Should I use some kind of zip tie or metal clamp with a screw? I couldn't reach the main duct as it was a ways into the attic and there was no flooring for me to get over there. The second question I had was regarding the mold, am I in deep trouble? Will I have to rip out the new 30 year roof and replace? Will insurance cover this? What is my recourse here? BTW the ducts were attached to the vents by duct tape. Thanks

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It is very important for the warm, moist air to be exhausted outside, not into the attic. Duct tape is a lousy choice for ducts, despite it's name. Use the foil tape instead. Yes, you can use a zip tie or large hose clamp to attach the hose to vent. Top it with the foil tape for a good seal.

The mold might be an issue. I'd probably start by putting down some plastic to protect the insulation and spray down the underside of the roof decking with some straight bleach. Don't go crazy, just enough to saturate the surface. Eye and face protection plus old clothing would be a good idea.

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I too was a victim of the crappy zip tie from a previous owner that left damp air to pour into my attic. The zip ties are a cheap substitute for a metal hose clamp that save the fan companies a few pennies - and the zip ties fail after a few years. Get the metal hose clamps at your local hardware store.

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I'm curious only.. where do you live? I was suprised to hear you have mold in the attic from the amount of moisture from a bathroom.

If you're in Houston or other humid area I can understand
the moisture never leaving.

I would ask about the 'as is' sale of your house. that is,
if it was not 'as is' then you have recourse especially
if the mold is due to the duct not being connected.

Where do you live?

I say I'm surpised to hear of the dramatic effect of the fan from a bathroom into the attic

I say this as in my experience it's usually little moisture
from a bathroom fan and the attic being warmer or vented can get rid of the moisture pretty fast.

Good luck. I'd figure your home purchase is going to
be backed up via the real estate agent who sold the property.

Anyone know where he goes first to complain?

I'll have a look back in a week or two.

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