need help with color pallet

sugar_flJanuary 1, 2007

I think it is called the materal pallet that has the colors. Well I moved it too close to the top & now it is going all the way across the screen which I sure don't want. How do I get it back on the right side where it belongs.

Hope someone can help & THANKS,


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Sugar, if you place the pointer on the top of the Material palette (colored top band) and hold down with your left mouse button, you can move it any place and it won't change will just move.

If you want it to change size (stretch or reduce) place the pointer some where on the side or corner until the pointer changes to a double arrow, you can then stretch or reduce the size.

If this doesn't work let me know...

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Joy, that won't work as the blue is out of site (too high up)
I did keep messing around & got it fixed but don't know what I did right. I was in the settings as well as just playing around. It also does the same thing with the layers pallets at times. I sure would like to know how to correct this without doing the trial & error way. I know something probably is set wrong or this wouldn't happen... would it?
Thanks for the answer

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Sugar, I don't understand where the palette was, I can't get mine high enough to you mean it docked ? If it docked you can fix that so it won't happen again.

Go to File/Preferences...
On the left side choose....Palettes.
On the right side disable (remove check from) palettes that you don't want to dock.

Next time (if there is a next time) go to File/Workspace and load Default or Custom....if you have saved a custom workspace (and if you haven't, you should). The great thing about doing that is, it will change every thing back but doesn't effect what you are working on.


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