Attaching Sound Memos to Digital Images

shirl36January 30, 2006

We have Canon IS1S Digital Camera, Window XP computer,

Softwear; Zoom Browser XE (came with camera); Adobe PhotoshopsElments 2.0 (I bought)

Dell Picture Studio 2.0 (came with Computer)

I can add 60 sec. of sound memos to pic image (which I have) and have downloaded to computer.

In Dell Studio I can hear the sound as I view the pic.

In Zoom Browser I cannot hear the sound.

Question is why the sound shows in one program and not the other. You would think the Zoom Browser software that came with the camera would be the one to work. I am sure this is pilot error....however it is beyond this pilot.

Would appreciate any help. Shirl36

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Well I just realized I posted this in the wrong place it should have been under Computer Help, another pilot error or worst yet a Senior Moment....Shirl36

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