Have you seen stock certificates multiply ... like rabbits??

joyfulguyJanuary 15, 2008

Well ... if not as rapidly as rabbits, at least at a fairly dizzying speed?

Like - from one to scores, in 38 years?

And - turning $18,000.00 into ...

... close to a million current value.

That is without considering the annual payouts, which I'm almost sure that I've heard increased during each of those 40 years.

As this website has expressed anxiety about folks telling the same story on different forums, I can simply say that I've authoured a thread with similar title over on Kitchen Table (much more talk, over there).

Due to that talk, it's probably more or less on P. 6 by now - as of early Tues. Jan 15 it was near the bottom of p. 4.

I'm rather surprised that there's not been more discussion - I guess it is true that people spend more time planning their vacation than they do their long-term financial future (let alone the present and immediate future).

There's a link here, so you won't have to go looking.

Hope you've got a good start on what I hope may turn out to be an outstanding week, in a positive way, for you.

ole joyful

Here is a link that might be useful: Contrast: Pay cheque and Pension cheque

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Greetings folks,

I goofed in the link that I provided above, folks. It's contrasting the difference between pay cheques and pension cheques.

This one relates to some aspects of the historical record of JNJ stock for the most recent 38 years or so.

Ths time ... I've included the link that relates to it.

Sorry about the error.

ole joyful

Here is a link that might be useful: Can stock certificate numbers grow like rabbits?

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