Cost of sill replacement

smw268March 11, 2007

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of buying a new house and encountered a significant amount of termite damage to a few floor joists and a sill plate. the inspector said that the common way for the sill to be replaced is for the house to be jacked up. Does anyone have any sort of idea how much this can cost. I'm trying to look for contractors at the moment, but wanted to see if anyone had a guesstimate to figure out what I could be dealing with here.

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Costs are regionally driven, house type driven, extent of damage driven, specfic locale condition driven.
Where? What construction house?, Basement? Finished Basement? Etc...
I replaced around 22 ft of 4x6 sill in a brick house with a basement. Along with some joist work, stud work and second floor rim joist work. Job ran $4500.00 on LI, NY about 10 years ago.
Consulted on a job in Muttontown, NY where a very extensive structural job ran around $15,000 in 1999. This was a one story ranch in a very expensive area.

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Job is on LI as well. It's a two story cape with a half finished basement. I'm trying to get contractors of my own in at this point to assess the damage, but seller's gotten quotes for $2000. We only have seen one area of damage of approximately 8 feet of the sill in the unfinished area, but are having a trusted termite inspector come in to look at some of the areas in the finished basement (taking down cieling panels and such)

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