Brick backsplash

lotsofkidsApril 29, 2013

For those of you who gave me your invaluable input on the granite, I did go with the blue flower and I LOVE IT. I've had it for 1.5 weeks and can't stop loving it. So gorgeous!

So now I'm choosing a backsplash, and when it's all done I'll post bigger pics. Our kitchen is more formal with the cabinetry and counter. The floor is more rustic. We have some other rustic elements in the house like our stone fireplace, built ins and 100 year old barn door. We'd like to bring a little rustic into the kitchen, and thought we might do that with the backsplash. I still want the counters to be the star of the show. One of the things we love about the new counters is the way it lightens the kitchen so much. The old counter was dark. So we don't want to do anything that darkens the kitchen again. I like the idea of this blond brick. We are going for craftsman/French cottage, but not excessive in French cottage. Just bits here are there.

This picture is similar to what I'm going for My built in hutch and island are a similar ivory color (I thought about doing the brick backsplash in the cutout on the hutch as well).

Would I do just the regular brick pattern? Would a herringbone pattern be too busy? Here is a herringbone pattern in tile.

Is the brick going to defeat the purpose of a backsplash and be impossible to clean in the event of a blender explosion (which does happen on occasion)? It will be sealed and everything, but it's still not slick like tile.

The safe choice would be the travertine that is nearly the exact same color as the wall paint, but so blah.

Is the brick a trendy choice that will date my house in 5 years? We are not chronic remodelers. We keep the trendy to items like decor that can easily be switched out. The big stuff we go classic. I suppose we don't have tons of backsplash, so replacing it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I don't want to switch it out anytime soon.

I included a picture of the brick samples I picked up and the travertine. I like that the brick has the warm cream tones and cool gray tones, just like the granite. It unifies the cools and warms in my house.


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And here is a picture of my floor, just to give you an idea

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Or I could do the travertine in a herringbone pattern, which would take it from blah to interesting. If I did that i would do a consistent size for the pattern.

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Although the darker brick goes with the floor better, I like the brick on the left (the lighter one) right next to the countertop. Although on the board, it's a bit hard to tell if it's a good match. Can you get a sample that's not on the board; then perhaps someone could photoshop it on here...

I agree the travertine is a bit blah, and doing it in herringbone would still be blah, and also take away from the countertop.

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Everything looks beautiful together--Congrats on your new kitchen!!! I think I would let your granite be the star and pick a solid light cream color from your counter for the BS. Adding small copper insets to bring in the reddish and rustic feel is an option. Perhaps someone on the forum can do a computerized mock-up for you.

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Sophie Wheeler

Splatter some spaghetti sauce and drizzle some oil on that brick and see how you feel about it then. Both are potential real life contaminants. If the brick can't deal with that, then it doesn't need to be in the kitchen.

Daltile does make a porcelain brick look tile that would be better suited to a kitchen. But, it will still have that bit of texture that will make cleaning more difficult.

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The big difference between your image and your inspiration image is that the latter has beautiful cream colored cabinets. You have a lot of brown going on already. If you don't balance it out with some lightness somewhere it's going to look heavy. The color tones of the granite (grey) and bs (red) contrast somewhat in your inspiration image. Is that a look you like? If so, again, you've got a ton of red in your cabinet color already. I can't tell what color your floor is (or what material). It just looks brown - everything sort of melds together. Perhaps you could use more light when taking your images, or is that a good representation of color?

Have you considered using glazed thin brick by Fireclay tile? Here's how their Cotton color looks with Blue flower granite and red/brown cabinets. I've also place vinyl wood tiles in the mix that might be a nice future upgrade for the floor. If Fireclay is out of budget, you could look for a brick-sized glazed tile in a soft white for a similar look. Good luck!

Red/brown cabinet doors


Blue Flower

Armstrong Luxe Plank Vinyl Jefferson Oak Saddle

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Holly springs that is my exact concern, that it would be difficult to clean/keep clean and defeat the purpose. Do you know the name of the Daltile tile that looks like brick? I want the brick look with the functionality of tile. I only want it all :)

EAM44, the floors are custom concrete and we love them. They were here when we bought the house. Everyone who walks in the door bends down to touch them, asks what it is and says how much they love it. The brick on left is pretty light with cream and gray tones, not really any brown, which is why I liked it, that it kept things lighter but pulled the ivory and gray in the counter tops. The one on the right seems too dark to me.

I like the cotton colored firetile glazed brick. I just ordered a sample. The snow color (shown above) only comes in a gloss finish and the cotton comes in satin, which is what I prefer. I'm also going to a show room to see some travertine that is supposed to look like brick as well.

The island and built in hutch in my kitchen are the creamy ivory color of the cabinets in the picture. The island is 5.5x9.5 and the hutch is also good sized, so that adds to the lightness. I know it's not what is in direct contact with the backsplash, but it is a big color in our kitchen. I am also choosing a lighter color for the brick than the picture.

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I'm glad I could help. I'm pretty sure you'll end up with travertine. It is more consistent with your style. Don't forget to post images of the outcome.

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I will definitely post pics of the whole thing. We are also adding under cabinet lighting, so that will also brighten it as well. I'm excited about that. I may end up with travertine. I just want the look of brick, but it has to be functional as a backsplash. I cook and bake a lot and can't be worried about ruining the backsplash by cooking and baking.

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I've decided to do the creamiest (least gold) travertine I could find in a 1x2 herringbone pattern with a 4x4 square border around it. I'm considering doing a unique mosaic around the inside of the built in hutch. It would still be in neutral colors.

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I bet it feels good to have made a decision. I hope all goes well with the install and look forward to seeing pics!

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Oh my gosh it does! With all the decisions to make in the basement and baby #6 arriving in 3 weeks I'm just ready to be done. I would have loved to do the brick, but it is so porous and rough (even with sealing it) and one splash of tomato sauce on that light color would have been a disaster. Since I do a ton of baking and cooking, I need my backsplash to be functional as well as aesthetic. The brick would just never clean up well, and that makes a big difference. I can't have a heart attack every time I make dinner. It will go in in the next 2 weeks when they tile the basement bathroom, then I'l post pics.

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I would go with the one on the left although it looks a bit too yellow for your other colors. It needs to be a bit rosier. You already have more than enough patterns with the floor and counter. The kitchen will look too chaotic and too busy with so much variation of color in the backsplash, a pattern on the counters and then another dark/light pattern on the floor. The eye needs a place to rest!

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Sooooo, I spoke too soon. I have a new final decision :). I found this Daltile product that looks like brick but is easy to clean like tile. It's called Union Square. I'm going to do the Terrace Beige color with a light grout and spaced like brick in the regular subway formation. This picture doesn't really show the color accurately. The board sample at the store doesn't have the rosy color that this shows:

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