No one cares as much about your money as you ... except ...

joyfulguyJanuary 10, 2009

... someone who'd like to slip some of it from your pocket ...

... into his/hers.

ole joyful

P.S. Including banks.

o j

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I thought you were talking about Uncle Sam.

Then I remembered you're Canadian.

Who's your Uncle?

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I'm one of the oldest ones in my family tree, now ...

... my uncles are pretty well all dead.

If it's the tax people to whom you refer, including the income tax ones, I wasn't thinkiing of them.

I was thinking of the promoters, legit and less so, who use all kinds of methods of shifting that money from your wallet into theirs.

Including advertisers who convince you that you are what you have (and that what you bought last week is now seriously out-dated).

When you arrive at 65, with company pension having evaporated, your personal one having been neglected ...

... and having drawn on equity in your home as prices advanced but wage rates didn't and you didn't want to shrink your lifestyle ...

... will they be around to subsidize your retirement?

They won't even be willing to take you out to dinner.

Like the "friends" of the prodigal son, when the economy went bad in the far country and he'd run out of money.

Evaporated like fog on a sunny morning.

It's called, "business" and "the bottom line".

ole joyful

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OJ, isn't that the truth. And the tactics of getting money out of your pocket are getting more sublime.

It's going to be a tough road ahead for us and it's going to be especially hard for some because they refuse to let go of the IDEAS that they have been sold.

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I have hope. My kids have watched the commercials on Qubo, then bought the toys (like Pixos and moon sand) and have seen with their own eyes how they don't live up to the ads. The next generation might just make it.

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I've said for years that I believe that one of my major jobs as a parent is to help my child prepare for his/her independence - and I was a non-resident parent for mine from when they were 6 and 9.

Including how to manage money shrewdly.

A local authour says in his book, "Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice" that they should teach more about skillful management of money and credit in school - and I agree.

Otherwise our kids ... (mine are in their 40s) ... are like lambs to be shorn.

Have a great weekend, everyone: my family are helping me celebrate my 80th ... and I'm mightily thankful to be enjoying good health.

ole joyful

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