Interior Door Latch Removal

malibujimFebruary 21, 2011

We are thinking of replacing all the door knobs and latches in our house as they are past 40 yrs old and some don't work too good. I started to remove one that was broken on a closet door. After removing the knobs, I'm having trouble removing the latch mechanism. It doesn't have a retaining plate with 2 screws on the door, no, that would be too easy. The latch mech. is round and seems to be pressed in. It started out, but binds up and seems to have a plastic bushing around it that prevents it's removal. Anyone seen one of these ?

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You have to push the latch part out by using force on the section in the large hole.

I've used a large flat blade screwdriver and a hammer on some doors. Put the blade on a notch or hole on one side and hit the end of the handle. Tranfer to the opposite side and do the same. Side to side until it comes free.

Measure the set back---the distance from the door edge to the center of the large hole to get the right door handle assemblies. Some have made the set back adjustable.

The new latch will probably have the plate that is held in a slot in the door with two screws. You can use a very sharp 3/8" wood chisel to make that slot. You cannot usually just fasten that plate to the door without making the slot.

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I've pushed the latch out until it just clears the round hole. At this point it really binds up, and looks like it's starting to splinter the hole. Looks like it wasn't meant to be removed.

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Please post a picture, would be very helpful

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OK, I tooka couple pix, but don't see any way to download them. Can't find any instructions on the forum in regards to posting pix! Must be something, somewhere ?

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OK, I got it out this morning. There was a metal sleeve around the latch mechanism that had little barbs on the OD that would dig in when the sleeve moved otbd, and bound up the latch, Using a small screwdriver, I tapped the sleeve back into the hole. Pushing the latch out, but tapping the sleeve back in, the latch came out. To remove the sleeve, I had to tap it inward until it fell out thru the knob hole. Easy, when you know how !

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