Question about garage door torsion springs

fourkidscoFebruary 9, 2010


I know this topic has been covered fairly well, but I have a situation that appears to be unique.

I have 3 torsion springs on a double garage door.

Home was built in 1980 and the third spring looks like it is "original" (equal patina on all the metal parts involved). Recently, I have been having issues with the door with turned out to be unrelated to the springs, but I am concerned because the door is so heavy.

Ultimately they will break (have to eventually). The door is very heavy ...probably 400lbs without the springs (older wood/composite door with thick 3/4" cedar siding on the front). The thing is a bear to get up now and the springs are supposedly "working".

So here is my question: if and when I replace these springs, should I revert to 2 springs or stick with 3? The door is a pretty standard double garage width, so there is no extra width, just extra weight.

Is the 3 spring design adequate for the door or is this a bad idea? This isn't a question of whether the springs have the right torque for the door, but rather if it is even possible to get good performance from a 3 spring design.

Anyone else ever seen 3 springs on a residential door before?

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Never saw a door with 3 springs. If it were me I would get a good garage door man to check it over. Your door should not be so hard to lift. It is an indication of something going bad. The proper springs will make a difference.

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I have this exact scenario - 3 torsion springs (2 are broke) and a heavy wood door that I cannot lift up. Money is tight right now so I'd prefer to repair myself.

Should I replace both broke springs, giving me a total of 3, or just replace the 2 toward the center of the door? Was this a typical design back in the late 70's/early 80's? Unlike the original poster, mine sort of looks like the 3rd spring may have been added later.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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