Hardware: Brass to What?

blesspatOctober 1, 2011

I think bright, shiny brass went out of style the month after we installed it all over our new home several years ago, in doorsets, light fixtures, etc. I have not been able to justify the expense of "updating" to new finishes just for style's sake. However, an upcoming small (I hope) remodeling project will require replacing 3 exterior doors and that means new doorsets, and a couple of new light fixtures. I'm trying to gain some insight into what the up and coming door hardware, light fixtures and trim hardware finishes may be, so that maybe I can get ahead of the curve. I would like to choose a combination of the finish I like best that also has the promise of being "in style" for awhile. Our house is best known as low country farmhouse style and decor is casual. Price is important but not the critical factor. I'm not a fan of the dark toned finishes. Suggestions please!???

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Brushed nickel.

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Most of the currently popular finishes (oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, brushed stainless) have been trendy for several years now -- which means they are about to be outdated soon (I have both ORB and brushed stainless in my house). I think the next trend will be the "living" metals -- especially unfinished brass, which will darken and change with time and use. I think chrome will make a come-back, too.

But honestly, if you wait long enough, bright brass will also probably be back in fashion!

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The trade design magazines have quoted designers and have been showing project using brass and gold fixtures for a couple of years, and it will probably start to trickle down.

The first time I used ORB on a project was *15* years ago. I had to have some pieces that were unavailable at that time custom plated.

Polished brass has been around for a couple hundred years in America and really has not disappeared so you would really not be doing anything wrong in keeping it for the hardware. The Shape or Style of the brass light fixtures is a different story, perhaps.

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Living brass is already making a comeback. If you can remove the lacquer from your bright brass, you'll be right in style. However, as was said, wait another couple of years and the bright brass will be right in style as well.

Satin stainless or chrome will never go out of style, and brushed nickel won't ever be "out", even if it's not "in". Copper or black iron has their place as well if it suits the architectural style of the home. The overly dark and non living finish "faux" ORB is already looking dated though.

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Quality brass and chrome never go out of style. I wouldn't replace them if I were you but if we're talking builder grade brass fixtures, then that's a different story! As pal mentioned, you may only need to update your style if you're happy with the quality of brass you currently have.

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I also believe that "living brass" is current & future fab, but ORB is still too...but if you aren't a fan, then go for the "living brass" or install different finishes throughout in combinations of brass, "living brass" & bronze. I personally think that silver tone finishes are suited more to contemporary homes than ones in the Low-Country. Consider tastefully combining antique finishes throughout, perhaps even having various doorknobs in crystal & stone. This is in keeping with a relaxed farmhouse style in the Low-Country.

~Jeana (a proud former 8 yr resident of Charleston)

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Martha Stewart (who loves brass anyway) has come out with a new line of brass fixtures. here they are in her kitchen. I like it.

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