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sugar_flJanuary 26, 2008

My G/daughter is expecting twins this summer & she is sending me ultrasound scans & updates though e-mail. I am making a scrapbook of them but having trouble with the letters. I somehow did one but have no idea how I did it *SRS* When I scan them they come out real big..if I reduce them the writing messes up.I want them in PSP so I can add pictures to them. I saw a place to resize when I scanned them but didn't work as I couldn't find a OK button.. what am I doing wrong. I sure want them in PSP.



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Maybe it is too "Urlee" for me to understand what you mean as I am puzzled as to what you want?
All you have to do (one way of) is to right click on the pictures she sends to you in e-mail, click copy, open PSP and right click, choose paste and the picture will show up in PSP.
Then you go up to image, resize, and choose like 50% or what ever to get them to the size you want of it.


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Disregard the above.
It IS toooooo early as I reread and saw you are talking about letters!
Depends on what brand scanner you have as to how you can do it.
I have an epson and I just scan the letters with "Printer" checked as they scan larger that way and when I open them up in PSP, I can resize to whatever.
I find when I pick Blk & Wht, they come out crummy so I choose color mostly opposed to greyscale.

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I finally figured out what I did (duh) I went to open office..edit select all... upped the font to 13(was 12)
EXPORT to desk top (left all settings alone) Then took it it into PSP.. whew.
I writing it down this time but don't think I'll forget.
Thanks all,

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