Concerned about insects getting through soffit

MoFebruary 13, 2011

We recently had new vinyl siding and vinyl ventilated soffit (Certainteed InvisiVent) installed. We also had vent openings cut into the soffit because we only had a few small ones (with screens) previously. Before the vinyl soffit was installed, I asked if it would be necessary to have screens put over the new openings to help keep out insects. I was told that the holes in the vinyl would be sufficent.

Now I'm starting to wonder if I should have insisted on screens. During warmer weather, we have a lot of box elder bugs, wasps, and stink bugs around here. I don't think that the holes in the vinyl are small enough to keep them out. I'm having visions of major infestations in the attic and eventually the rest of the house.

DH says screens would just get clogged with dirt and block the ventilation. I think they'll do more good than harm. Am I worrying about nothing, or should I look into getting screens installed?

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I clipped this from their spec sheet. The key word is "excessive".

"Where excessive insect infiltration may be a concern, openings may be covered with corrosion-resistant mesh or other screening material prior to soffit installation."

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My experience shows that stink bugs get into the 'v' grooves of the soffit, at the edges and can squeeze up between the edge of the soffit and the inside edge of the facia board. that is the problem with vinyl soffit. If stink bugs can do it, any bug can. i am designing a method to seal the soffit.

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