Adding insulation in one small spot in corner of closet

neilwFebruary 2, 2010

I have discovered that there is apparently a hole in the insulation in a small spot (about 8x8 inches) in the corner of the closet near the floor. I have scanned the walls with an infrared thermometer and found that the problem is isolated to that one spot, but that spot actually can hit the interior dew point on the very coldest days.

I am therefore trying to figure out the most appropriate way to fix it, while disturbing as little of the wall as possible. Should I drill a hole and shoot some foam in? Cut out a small square and stuff in some fiberglass batting? What's a good approach here?

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Foam. One small hole to patch. About $5.

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You may actually have insullation there, but it is ineffective bacause it has somehow gotten wet. A small (2" x 2") inspection hole in the wallboard will give you asccess to see what's what.

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