Neighbour opens my Craftsman garage door in lockout mode

rebecca29February 5, 2013

My garage door remote won't open the garage door but my neighbour's remote can when the wall unit's lock out mode is turned on.The opener is a Sears Craftsman Model #13953910. Neighbour has a genie. I already tried erasing the existing code by pressing the learn button but it does not go out by itself after the 6 seconds or longer and the remote still worked.The problem is the same for the two garage door openers in my house so I don't think it's the logic boards. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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There's an LED on the unit near the learn button. If it's flashing, it's giving you some diagnostic codes.

If you have a door control that isn't just a plain button, try disconnecting it from the overhead unit. Then see if you can erase all of the existing remotes. The door control has a circuit board in it and I'm thinking maybe there's something wrong with it.

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Thanks for the quick reply and post. My husband went and brought a new opener. Problem solved I hope.

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