Lights inside glass cabinets

kitchendreamingApril 20, 2011


What kind of lights did you install inside the cabinets that have glass doors? I love the look, but do not want more electrical switches..

I know I can install the same kind as for undercounters, electrician said he could wire them with the undercabinet lights, but then they will need an on/off switch...and I will need one per shelf

because I will have wood shelves...Looked at the little lights that come in a tube (like Christmas lights), because I could thread them from one shelf to the other, but they need an outlet...

Any ideas, please let me know! Thanks!

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We installed puck lights both inside and under the cabinets of our hutch. There is a switch on the wall, but what's nice about it is that we can turn on the lights separately.

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Ellen thanks it looks great. So it is one electrical plate with two switches...

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Yes, you can see the outlet above the fruit bowl. There are 2 plugs and 2 switches. One switch does the undercabinet lighting, and the other switch does the interior lighting. The shelf inside the cabinet is glass, allowing the lights to shine all the way through.

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I mustsay we did install them in our glass uppers in a new weekend house, and do have them in our apartment. Neither has ever been turned on. In both cases, there is one switch for all the cabinets. Given that we were working with a blank slate in the new house, we sort of felt compelled to include them, but the utility in my view is questionable, especially if the interior shelves are not glass so the light does not get below the shelf (which is true in the fancy cabinets in our house, but not true in the not so fancy cabinets in our apartment)

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Dreaming--I've been wondering about this myself too as I will have a hutch cab I'm thinking about lighting. I didn't want glass shelves as its not a display area. I'll get in it everyday. I can't figure out how you get lights in except to put a light at/under every shelf. It seems like a lot of fixtures and outlets.

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Breezy, you can do lighting in glass front cabinets w/o glass shelves and have the whole cabinet lit if you use LED strip lighting and run the lights down the inner sides to the left and right of the molding. I believe Sea Gull is one brand that offers this option. We are maybe doing this (pending getting the cost estimates back). Using this option is apparently considerably more expensive then doing puck lights in the top of a cabinet but I've been told by a few people involved w/ my project (inc. my tile guy who doesn't have a vested interest in selling the lights to me) that this is the best way to do this and will look the best. There is a transformer required and all sorts of other things I don't really understand, but my electrician said this is what he has used in his own house.

I am fanatical about light switches or anything going anywhere near my backsplash (as in, not going to happen!) so I am having all of my under cab lighting put on a timer and the control for the timer will be in a utility closet off of the kitchen. I know this is not for everyone, but I want mine coming on at night time essentially every night so that I can enjoy the lights w/o having to make the effort of turning them on. So, no switches anywhere near the cabinets for me. I'll be able to disable the option of having them come on by using the controls in the utility closet.

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Thanks, it will be a matter of how much will I actually use them vs how
much will I actually use them... Maybe I will just put a battery operated one in the lower shelves...

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laura mcleod

We have all glass uppers and have one under cabinet light switch that turns them all on around the whole kitchen, which is super convenient. We have them on every night with the under cabinet lighting - I thought it was overkill when the architect made the lighting plan but I LOVE the cabinet lighting - it makes the whole room glow.

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